[3.6] SSDD's Frostbolt Tommygun Trickster MoM/EB - 2.5M+ shaper dps, 3 screen cleaner, UE Down

Hello boys,

It's me again with another trickster, this time frostbolt version ! Over the leagues frostbolt was allways a skill i wanted to play and i tought the right time has come to try it out. Originally i was going for inquisitor, but i honestly think Trickster is too good right now to skip, providing not only insane speed but also good defensive ability's via ghost shroud it makes the character super fast cleaner with more than decent single target damage and very good delver !

I will not recommend this build as a league starter if u are just starting the league and trying to figure out what build u wanna play i recommend to take a look at my Soulrend build https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2461790

So about this build i think i spend around 15 ex overall (its 10 becouse i selfmade the empower 4 but lets count it as 15 if u dont have one and u gota buy it ) for everything i wear if we dont count the multimoded ring that was like 5 ex or something, its absolutly not necessarily to make one exactly like this , a simple warlord mark on hit + life gona do the job just fine ! I have been able to do all the guardians, shaper and uber elder deathless and ill upload videos in the incoming days.

The build provides us with 7k+ eHP (around 5k life and 2k+ ES) as we are using MoM + EB to reserve all our mana using aspect of the spider, arctic armour and zealotry; 2.5 MIL damage on shaper/uber elder (can go way up with better equipment and fully leveled gems, also PoB doesnt show the damage boost we get from arcane surge from our watchers eye so its more than that) energy leech support to keep our ES up all the time + warlord mark on hit for life leech. Overall the result is a fast cleaner (literally clears 3 screens away from our shooting point) that can do respectable single target damage and i hope u guys gonna enjoy it !

1. Gear

I. Weapon

For our weapon we pick allready six linked Shaper staff ilvl75+ and we Fossil craft it with Aetheric + frigid fossils, you can get MUCH MUCH better staff then the one im using that gona increae your dps a lot, the mods that we are looking for are : Supported by # level Power charge on crit (thats the most important one), Socketed Skills deal 20% more Spell Damage , 20% chance for double damage, Spell damage increase, cast speed increase and its very important to have a open preffix so we can craft +2 lvl to support gems. This staff i bought allready six linked for 2.5 ex and cost me around 50c to craft it to this version.

I know many of you guys gona wonder why this staff and not Eclipse for more damage, but honestly i think 18% or 20% chance to block attacks on build without shield is so much more important than little boost in our damage, specially when its allready high enough !
If u are rich guy you can just altenation spam until u get 7 link power charge on crit + 20% chance to deal double damage and multimod it around that!
The staff that im using is absolutly not the best , i plan to change it in the future but its doing the job for now!

II. Armour

We are using shaper chest with critical strike for spells, thats global mod and affects all of our spells not just the socketed one, we only need 5 link here (sadly after 600 fusings i am still on 4 ) for our stormbrand which have the utility task for our build. We look for 100+ life , Spells have + 1%+ critical strike chance and at least 200 energy shield. Our Chest is the main source of ES we gona have so its really important to get a chest that have this mix between life/es. If there are none for sell or they are more than 1-2 ex i advice to grab one Shaped Vaal regalia over ilvl 82 (over 86 are very expensive) and chaos spam it. Its very very important to have open preffix as well as our staff becouse this craft im using is absolutly insane, provides us with huge amount of ES so we dont have to worry about that in our other pieces! This chest i bought from a very kind guy for like 220 chaos so its not super expensive since we dont have to six link it .

III. Helm

Nothing to say here really just life + resist enchanted helm with cast speed, the damage enchant is viable too but i just decided to stack as much cast speed as i can . There is no need to do fossil craft here for -9 cold resist to nearby enemies becouse the playstyle of the build is to keep the enemies away from u and burst them down from far!

IV. Gloves

Very good gloves for our build, provides us with Life, a bit of ES, some evasion, cast speed, aspect of the spider that we are using and good damage boost to enemies with 3 or more stacks of AoS.

V. Boots

Another item of the spider set, i choose them for the additional spider web that enemies can be affecte by, but a Atziri step is a pretty solid choice as well or basicly any rare boots with 30 movespeed and big life + resists gona work just fine!

VI. Jewelry

Nothing special here really just regular combo between Mark of the shaper and Elder warlord mark on hit, as i said earlier u absolutly dont need to do a multimoded ring , a simple 50+ life warlord mark on hit is very good as well!

VII. Jewels


The jewels are pretty important for our build, as u can see from the link we are using 1 frozen trail unique jewel for +2 projectyles for our frostbolt, watchers eye for arcane surge (since we are EB we dont spend any mana thats how we maintain arcane surge on single targets) and two rare jewels to help out for our resist , life and boost our damage. I tried with two frozen trails but it feels like the second is waste of jewel spot becouse we still gotta use GMP for clearing open maps like reef and such, and since we are allready using GMP the second frozen trail just comes too much, we can pick 7% increased maximum life and double crit multi there its much much better, and 1 frozen trail only is more than enough to provide us with the clear we need for boss fights like uber elder.

VIII. Flasks

Simple and cheap flask setup that works like gem, the basalt flask can be changed for something else if u prefere like onslaught flask or phasing one , its personal preference!

2. Gem Links

I. Frostbolt (weapon)
Frostbolt (B)-> Energy Leech (B)-> Spell Echo (B)-> Cold to fire (R) > Empower (R) -> Slower Projectyles(bossing)/ GMP (mapping) (G)
alongside the mod we have Socketed gems are supported by Level # Power charge on crit we have 7 link frostbolt in our Staff , swaping gmp and slower projectyles or hypothermia if u dont like the playstyle with the slow balls.

II. Movement skills (boots)
Flame Dash (B)-> Faster Casting (B)-> Lightning Warp (B) -> Less Duration(R)
we are using both since we have insane cast speed ligthning warp is very usefull when flame dash is out of charges

III. Cast when damage taken setup (helm)

CWDT( (R)-> Immortal Call (R)-> Increased Duration (R) -> Frostbomb (B)

Simple CWDT-IK setup with frostbomb to futher boost our damage. Keep in mind that u must keep IK under lvl3 and frostbomb under lvl 10 so CWDT can proc them

IV. Auras and golem (gloves)

Arctic Armour (G) , Zealotry (B) , Summon Lightning golem (B), Vaal RF (B)

Initially i tried with Herald of ice instead of Arctic Armour but that felt like a waste for me, the clear speed is allready insane while the survivability is bigger issue than our damage for the build for sure, so i ended up using Arctic Armour for now, i will test Purity of Ice too on this slot too but AA is very good defensive skill and i could notice the difference right after i started using it .
Zealotry i picked mainly becouse of the watchers eye and the ability to gain Arcane surge while using EB is pretty nice!
Lightning golem is there just for the attack speed bonus, u can skip it its not very important if u dont like summoning it all the time!

Also we get aspect of the spider from the gloves that reserve the last portion of our mana (25% aspect of the spider, 25% artic armour, 50% zealotry)

V. Utility Gems (armour)

Storm Brand (B) -> Onslaught (G)-> Culling Strike (G) -> Combustion (B)

Winter orb (B)

Both are very important for our build. Storm brand provides us with Onslaugth and culling strike which is OP maping/boses and greatly increases our single target damage duo to combustion. Since we are using Cold to fire support gem in our main setup great deal of our cold damage is being converted to fire. Having 20/20 combustion linked to our stormbrand means that when Stormbrand ignites the enemy he will have -20 fire resist while the ignite lasts and thats gona be pretty much all the time since stormbrand gona crit and ignite almost all the time , so -20 fire resist is huge for us and on top of that its gonna cull everything under 10% life except Uber Elder (works on Shaper too)

Winter Orb is there to purely help us generate frenzy charges . We are using Swift Killer so our charges sustain is pretty much covered on maping, and we have 7 link power charge on crit in our staff so thats covered for single targets , we can use Winetr Orb on fights like uber elder, shaper and others to generate frenzy charges with simply channeling the spell while the boss fight starts .

We have 1 open socket here, my recommendation is to make storm brand 5 link and add Increased Critical strikes support (B) there so the more it crits more ignites gonna provide right.

3. Passive tree , Ascendancy and Pantheon

I. Passive tree : https://poeplanner.com/ABAAAOsAEAYBAHKU8fiX-_W0OOUZjDZVS2HiJpUWv4nTcFIqC13ymFMG56QFH0EOSOOEDdFjQxvIz93xihGWBx6VLvDVSVGP-uv18h3DCbmTf8aTJ--I-TfXz0mxvoqhL6KjD8Q7fLjKwfOCHtsLlSAtH0yzBAfQH-_rIG5QMNteg9tVxjpYrrNBltD1BUIsnBBYr5u86mpDCPQRLXyD6-6a4EWdU1KFMjLRRUfAZgSzogDwH67_gpunCI9GXqUTcdLFWK4dFI5k96a2-vrSFm_jamaetzGMdhzcjxovnRbzJjxRdI7pppnVphZAhX0AAAAAAA==

II. Pastbin : https://pastebin.com/yqTUSv3J

III. Ascendency : Weave of Arcane -> Swift killer -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist

Some of you may ask why swift killer and not harness the void !?
The answer is simple - becouse its better for our build! Provides us with better damage overall since we have 6 power and 4 frenzy charges thats 50% increased damage only from that, also we are able to use a channeling skill (winter orb in our case) to generate frenzy charges before single target fights and burst down the boses quickly , also frenzy charge sustain without using the anoying blood rage.

IV. Pantheon:
-Major : Lunaris for clear, Solaris for boss fights
-Minor : Soul of Yugul

4. Levelling

I recommend using storm brand to level up this character but frostbolt is good skill as any for the job. Using Tabula for six link or +1 gem wands with storm brand -> controlled destruction -> added lightning and lightning penetration
(without the penetration if u are using wands not tabula ) will carry you trough the story lane

We go for Eldritch Battery aroud lvl70 when we can equip our chest and get at least 1.2k-1.5k ES, before that we play as hybrid life/es build without MoM.
Remember something very important - DONT PICK MoM ON THE TREE BEFORE U GET EB.
Make it that way u pick them both simultaneously

That is how our tree should look at lvl70 before we get EB/MoM

5. Bandits
Help Alira

6. Videos

I will be adding more videos in the next days i just need to find a software that my computer can handle while playing the game in the same time, so far this one is just to give u some vision of how the build looks in the game:

T14 Racecourse : https://youtu.be/tZicngddzNE

7. Other builds

If you guys have any questions pm me in game , message me in forum or leave a post in the thread!
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2312232 my boss service thread so feel free to contact me if i can be helpfull with something, my account name is ssddHell and its public so u can keep track of my characters at any time or pm me in game!

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Looks really fun, been looking all day for a fun build to play and finally came across this. Thanks!!
DFTC123 wrote:
Looks really fun, been looking all day for a fun build to play and finally came across this. Thanks!!

sure ur welcome, if u come around any questions u can ask here or pm me anytime :)
Sorry for my bad English.
Why not ask a witch or templar for this build?
saduke wrote:
Sorry for my bad English.
Why not ask a witch or templar for this build?

becouse trickster is the fastest one, feels better at maps compared to the others, but inquisitor , ocultist, elementalist, assassin are all viable
Ah okay thanks.

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