[3.6] 3+2 Holy Flame Totem Chieftain / 1,8 million Shaper Dps / cheap / Tanky / Ele. Overload


First of all excuse my English.

This is the first build I publish, with the aim of sharing and improving it.

I'm not an expert on totems, much less, this build is inspired by others I've seen in the forum, with features that I like personally based on my experience.
I do not know, if it works for end game, because I still have not been able to populate it, the numbers that appear here are based on calculations made in pathofbuilding with all bufs and auras actives.

I think the main difference with the other builds is that it has more life / armor, is cheaper and does not use critical strikes.

The mechanics of the build is the following:

"Use force" to get hurt.

This build uses Doon Cuebiyari / Reptance / Astramentis / shield of the shaper +1 totems, and a handful of objects that give strength.

With the Reptance gloves, we transform the bonus to melee damage to spell damage, with the Doon Cuebiyari scepter, we increase this synergy even more and also increase the damage as a function of our strength.

To increase all the damage we need a shield of the shaper with +1 to the maximum of totems, if possible to give us strength.

Finally, rare items give us strength, which increases more damage and also give us life and resistances.

If you get the 6L recipe and you have 1500 fusing you can use The Iron Fortress, which thanks to its unique bonus that grants more melee damage, in addition to a ton of force (up to 120), you can increase 76k the Dps, but that's not cheap.

Alternatively you can get a corrupt armor with life and some strength like the one I use in the build.

Path of building:


Total chaos spent on these items (not including The Iron Fortress armor):

-Sceptre 10 c
-Body Armour 15 c
-Ring (right) 10c
-Ring (left) 10c
-Amulet 20 c
-all Jewells 50 c
-Boots 12 c
-Gloves 5 c
-Helmet 45 c
-Belt 8 c
-Coat 15 c

TOTAL 200 Chaos (Aprox)


Body armour

Main skill:

Holy flame totem / Added fire damage / controlled destruction / elemental focus / Ifused Channeling

Same 5L + Slower projectiles or Fire penetration.

Fire penetration is better? , deals more damage?...


Holy flame totem / Multiple totems / Combustion

Doon Cuebiyari give to us a 4L ( lvl 30 Iron will support)

I use this to do ignite on enemys and deal more damage with main skill because Combustion support.


Armageddon brand (or another Brand skill) / Curse on hit / Flammability / arcane surge (lvl 9 - 10 max)

This skill give us, Arcane Surge, Flammability on hit, Elemental Overload on crits, and actives herald of purity on hit vs bosses.

Buy a elder helmet with -9 to enemy fire resistance.


CWDT + Immortal call + Increased duration + Vaal haste

Herald of ash + Herald of Purity + Clarity + Vaal lightning trap

Vaal lightning trap shocks enemy.


Shield chargue / Fortify / Fater attacks



To level up you can use a tabula rasa and choose bloodmagic and totem points, to have more life and forget about mana until you get your last ancendancy at level 86.

And that's it.

I wish I knew how to create a better presentation, but I do not know how to do it.

Thanks for reading this.
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