[3.6] "Sunder Gladiator" - Super Cheap, Starter, Friendly.

About the build

Very friendly, fast clear non meta build. Perfect for starters and funny for old players.

What can i do?

Shaper, Elder, Uber Lab and all tier maps.

I cant do

Atziri (with some changes your AWarchief can do it), recflect maps.

My gear with sockets (and links)

About Tree


-Pastebin is out of date but you can see my character.

Bandits, Ascendancy and Pantheon

-Kill all bandits.
-Priorize Gratuitous Violence and go for Outmatch and Outlast.
-Situational - I love Ryslatha XD.


-With my gear, in my hideout, my Sunder skill with flasks and AWarchief are doing 316k dps. With 110% (from tree + carnage + ascendancy - PS: you can use haemophilia for + 40%... i have 1 in my personal stash) + damage from minions/totem. You will do around 5 attacks per second with 3 frenzy charges. Do the math XD.

-Try to find an Shaper stat stick for off hand - mine actually was 30c.

-Soul Taker is cheap on this league, so try to find a better 1 (mine was 7c). Corrupt it - its worth the trys XD.

-Diallas chest is to lvl your gems XD.

-If you insist on Atziri.. well - put the AWarchief in a 4 link...

-About Vaal Pact... Well... use it.

-Vaal Double Strike is very usefull to clear maps...
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Cool, had already made a build similar to yours, I'm testing your build.

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