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The Best Types of Vacuum Cleaners For Your Home

Vacuuming might sound like the easiest household chore of all in terms of cleaning techniques. The vacuum cleaner is supposed to do all the work of cleaning dirt and dust particles while your only job is to move the cleaner around. However, to get the best job done, you need to know which type of vacuum cleaner is suitable for your household needs. This is why manufacturers came up with numerous types of good vacuum cleaners, often with different attachments to meet various cleaning purposes. Here we will compare different types of vacuum cleaners to help you find your best match.

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Hardwood or Tiled Floors

The majority of households often use a traditional broom and sweeper to clean hardwood or tiled floors. However, a vacuum cleaner can actually attack dust and dirt more efficiently, thus the effect lasts longer for this type of bare floors. Tiled floors accumulate mud, dust, and debris more than other types of floors but are also easy to be cleaned, hence it requires more regular quick clean ups rather than deep cleanings. Hardwood and tiled floors are both easy to be scratched by large debris, hence they require a vacuum that can do more than just sweeping. It is important to pay attention to the motorized brush bar of the vacuum because some might cause large debris to scatter around on the floor rather than suck it up into the dust bin. Choose a vacuum with a beater brush and adjustable suction levels to protect your hardwood and tiled floors.


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Vacuuming carpets is a task notorious for demanding lots of work, particularly the high-pile carpets, plush, and shags which are so thick that the vacuum struggles to dig through the fibers to thoroughly remove the dirt and dust particles. As a result, you have to painstakingly go over it again and again. For carpets, upright vacuums are preferable because they are able to save time when covering a lot of space. Additionally, canisters with a strong motorized head attachment and high suction power are the best vacuum cleaners for carpet cleaning. Customers prefer vacuums with large front wheels to help push through high pile carpets easier. Similarly, the Dyson Ball Vacuums are preferable because the “Ball Technology” gives it admirable maneuverability.


If your house has stairs, lightweight vacuum cleaners are the most appropriate choice because they are less cumbersome for you to drag around. Hence, the model preferences for vacuuming stairs are handheld vacuum cleaners or upright vacuum cleaners for easy portability. An alternative option for those who need frequent deep cleaning or prefer a full size vacuum, a canister vacuum with a hose of at least 3 feet long and a long electrical cord works wonderful as well. Better yet, handheld vacuums with lithium ion batteries are excellent for homes with several floors and hard to reach spaces, as well as for daily usage.

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Final thoughts

It is important to research carefully before purchasing a top vacuum cleaner for your house because of its frequency of usage. Moreover, what can you do with a vacuum cleaner that you don’t like, but pay quite an investment for it? Learn more about all things vacuum cleaners on to get tips and tricks for how to choose, use, and maintain your vacuum cleaner for free!
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Hi, the game is stuttering even at the launch screen, when I look at the fps with F1 I see that the game is capped at 75 fps but when I look at my screen refresh rate it's jumping from 48hz to 100, I have a 144hz monitor and the vsync is disabled in the game and the Nvidia pannel, this is a very disturbing issue since the screen is constantly flashing. Never had this issue before, it's been a few days now, I have a 2080 and an i7 9XXX, do you know how to fix that ? Thanks

Edit : when I do things on my second monitor the game becomes normal again... I just have to click on something on my second screen bvut when I go back on the game the issue comes back

Where you see "screen refresh rate it's jumping from 48hz to 100"?

Double check:
In NVidia panel you have gsync in windowed mode enabled + your monitor is set up to refresh rate of monitor 144hz?

Are you using display port cable?

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