[3.6] Life/hybrid Divine ire Scion, a Scion version of Lilyliciously's Templar

I wanted to play a scion since I haven't played them much. Life is also cheap this season it seems.

Mostly this is a tree for using with this build = https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2451652

Scion Tree seems to deal more damage than the inquisitor.
I get 4.5 million divine ire on POB vs Lilyliciously's inquis 1.4 mill

Path of building

the build in "template gear" at level 85 https://pastebin.com/nz9MARgs

POB website tree

the build in "template gear" at level 85 https://pob.party/share/hamosoonikakai

-lots of damage
-Scion gets 45 all resist, crit multi, cast speed, and more life using might of the meek. if you can afford it unnatural talent (I can not)
-Less tree travel means more damage talents
-Staff tallent's flat beat doom cast and other nodes
-Lots of high damage talents nearby for 85+ or 200% + life at 95
-Resists in tree means lazy gearing
-Very easy to go ascendant elementalist to be reflect immune

-no life on staff, and no flexibility on weapon drops
-Scion ascendancy's are very lackluster compared to other classes
-Might of the meek is 40c
-no life on rings
-The dps in is POB not the game
-I am not a beast of burden in a male voice is gone!

I am using Disintegrator staff which adds alot of damage (around 60%) for only 9 chaos and allow you to pickup 37% block and 12% spell block with loads of crit.

Not sure the trade-offs are worth it.... Disintegrator staff has a random 150 damage degen, which can be annoying if your regen/leech stats are low. using a unique staff also means much less life and energy shield.
but damm 382-597 the base skill only has 140 to 210 at level 20!

Call of the brotherhood and Gifts from above also add about 10% damage each

But yet again, loosing life and energy shield on rings

If you are rich, the gear in this https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2331627 would translate to the build.

good stuff from Lilyliciously's post linked above.

In order of effectiveness:
Non-Chaos added as Chaos (works on every step. Phys, lightning, cold, fire, all gets affected)
Elemental added as Chaos (works on every step except phys)
Lightning added as Chaos (lightning is the most scaled portion of our damage, due to our rings and our conversion numbers)
Phys added as Lightning (same reason as above)
Lightning added as Cold/Fire (same reason as above)
Phys added as Cold/Fire (The least scaled options are the worst)

4L: Divine Ire - Physical to Lightning - Faster Casting/Hypothermia - Infused Channeling Support

5L: Concentrated Effect

6L: Increased Critical Strikes

Once you have at least one Call of the Brotherhood ring, as well as most of the cast speed from the passive tree, you can swap out faster casting for Hypothermia. Having two rings will be better, as you're more likely to chill bosses.

Regarding quality on gems: You want 20 quality on infused channeling, phys to lightning, Inc crit strikes, concentrated effect

Disclaimer: I am not a builder and this is untested past t14 maps. DEAL WITH IT

My actual current build at 72 https://pastebin.com/7cc6QLx7

in t14 maps, mobs evaporate, bosses die in 1-2 beams.
but I am incredibly squishy. I died in uber lab had to hunt down all the shrines to get a clear.
only 3540 life, 1606 energy shield and only 300 regen after the staff degen effect.

Very tempted to simply pickup some life rings. Even dropping Disintegrator for a eclipse staff would be fine, since mapping dps is effortless.
The queen's hunger was simply a cheap ES chest. random offerings going off is also very funny.

- need suggestions. Kaom's chest and boots? perhaps more life nodes as I level?
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I'm using this staff

but here comes a problem:I'm using phase acrobatics&life gain on hit,but still get one shot sometimes,espacially in lv83 memory areas,maybe I should try block+MOM?
Uber Elder:https://youtu.be/XOmnCXYXj70
I'm using duskdawn, rings could be call of the brotherhood, and bereks grip for conversion, added damage, and leech due to shocking and freezing. I use a loh vitality watcher's eye. Though it does mean losing life and es. I currently have 4.5k life and 1k es. Using mom with 1.2k Mana open.

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