3.6.3 Hotfix

Since the patch my game became very choppy, almost unplayable...
MFairfax wrote:
I can report that this last update did NOT fix any problems. My only problem is the disconnect. It can happen in my hideout, it can happen in combat, it can happen anytime anyplace and seems to not have any indicators.

After taking an hour to download the last 8mb file I went into the game in Washington DC my nearest server. Played about 10 minutes and crashed in town selling stuff.

Came back went to Texas and played about 7 minutes, crashed as I walked towards my destination. Went back into California and crashed there within a minute. Was viewing my stash.

All this prior to 3am in Washington dc. Smallest load of the day. Steam shows about 45K play during busy times of the day. When I crashed there was about 14k online with steam.

Come on GGG. I just want to play the game. I don't care about the league anymore. I still haven't made the last act. Why? Constant neverending ever present eternal crashes.

This is very very annoying. As a side I have NOT bought anything from the game in over 8 months. Why? Cause I want 6 days playtime before I commit myself to any more money.

Why does this game have to be run in so horrible a fashion. Why why??? Tearing my hair out in exapersation!

Sounds like you might have some problems in your end. If your problems were in GGGs end then there would be more people complaining and it should be wide spread over NA.

So i suggest you check your modem settings or reset the whole thing. Or try a new modem. I used to have similar connection problems where game disconnected about every hour. Rebooting modem helped for some time but eventually i had to change it and everything started working fine.

And even if your other games don't have same problems doesn't mean your modem or connection is fine. Some games are more tolerant to minor hickups in connection and won't kick you out so fast. In my case for example the problem occured only in couple games including PoE.

Also i don't know about service providers in NA but usually those slow night/morning hours are the ones when they usually do all the maintenance works etc. or even slow down the connection in some countries. I assume you live in NA because of your server choices so i would not be surprised if something shitty like that is happening in your area. Monopoly is not good for connection stability and speeds ;)

Anyway i hope you figure out what your problem is and get to enjoy the game.
Love being stuck at checking resources EVERY patch!

I play in standard and cannot wait for you to fix your borked league - it shouldn't' affect us in standard!

Also, every time I log in, the screen is windowed and have to change to full screen...I have no mods running the background.

I love your game and work, but these pesky issues haven't abated in 6 years of playing.
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Betrayal league had nearly 0 timeouts and very few lag spikes for me and nearly none of them were related to syndacite encoumters. I bitch about getting booted everytime I do a map and get photobombed by aisling and have my game rip from lag, but I UNDERSTAND that it MAY have something to do with the restructuring of game files for better framework since they dont support old rickety ass OS anymore.

THAT BEING SAID, I wish they'd prioritize this issue as around 70% of the player base quite a number of streamers are constantly crashing out because of this single problem. I can't even imagine the hell hc and ssfhc players feel this league, when mapping is a literal coin flip for rips due to lagout.
Tldr pls fix, pls.
"Just install poe on an SSD" .. Omg you guys are idiots!. So let me get this straight, to play this F2P game. I need to go out and buy a new computer or SSD? ya makes sense.

… Fuck synth mechanics, Fuck the league. Its garbage, utterly garbage. Its like a mobile game, useless content given to us to line their pockets. Fix Betrayal!!! I mean God if you insist on it being in the game. Make it similar to incursion with instances you can choose to enter. Not crowd the map with 3x more of the encounters people loathed by the end of the league. What a back asswards move GGG.

MaxEXA wrote:
Patch downloaded in a few seconds.

Syndicate freeze can be almost completely removed if you install poe on SSD.

My poe IS on SSD and I have freezes every time I get Intervention in map (it doesn't happen with other syndicates and it never happened during Betrayal league)

So NO, SSD is NOT the solution here.
HoangBoss wrote:
increase boss spawning rate in nexus pls, hanven't encountered any of them, and still don't know how to encounter them

Have you encountered the zana memory event yet? (Ie. have you gotten your first memory fragment after elder appears?)

I hadn't seen any bosses spawn until after that event memory.

Piros wrote:

The Nexus can spawn up to 19 reward tiles (the ones with chests to open or mods to add to other tiles) and 1 boss tile.

Before: tiles spawned when you placed tiles.
New: tiles spawn when you complete a memory out in the world.

Strategy: run enough tiles to spawn 19 reward tiles. Now, almost the only thing that can happen is for a boss tile to spawn when the trigger is checked. Occasionally an old reward tile will be replaced with a new one elsewhere to avoid impossible to reach areas. Now every time you complete a tile in the world, nothing happens or a boss spawns. Bosses are tiles that look similar to reward tiles, but have totem-y things in place of hovering icons on them.

Hope this helps... I've spawned a couple quite easily, but if you're not paying attention, you won't notice they're there...

Thank you for this! Gonna give this a try.
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inferno_poe wrote:
Only one hotfix can save this awful game - fire Chris Wilson and all current developers and migrate to normal country with normal programmers.

The real fix is to ban this guy and only allow normal players with normal temperaments. /s

Only had one reward memory not spawn chests but thanks for the fast fix!
I like Synthesis. Deal with it.
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Awesomeness !
MFairfax wrote:
There was a tiny download waiting of 8 mb. It took over an hour to download and install. On Steam also Grim Dawn had an update of 60 Mb.

It took over an hour to download and install 8 mb for POE. It took less than 30 seconds to download and install the much larger update.


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