Game Client Crashes Very Frequently with Specific Build

The build in question:

The PoE Steam client has been crashing very frequently when I try to play the build I made. This does not occur on any other of my builds which do not use the same mechanics.

The build seems to only crash when I gain lots of buffs from Headhunter/Inspired Learning, and It's more likely when I have lots of Soul Eater stacks.
By swapping the amulets Solstice Vigil and Zerphi's Heart, effects expire 75% slower on me, and I gain Soul Eater when I use Vaal Clarity. This multiplies the duration of all effects on me by 4.00, therefore allowing Headhunter buffs to last 80s, and Soul Eater 40s. Something about this combination is causing very frequent crashes.
In 3.6.3, I can't even complete a map without crashing 1-3 times. This was the case for over 10 maps that I ran with beyond. The only exception was when used Coward's Legacy instead of Headhunter which causes me to crash less. On my other character which uses the same mechanics, but Tornado Shot as the main skill, occur less frequently.
When I tried bringing other people in to the maps to see if they crashed, all 3 people I tested with experienced the same crash.

I emailed support back and forth since February 5th to get this crash fixed. I followed all of their instructions:
Dump files: Will provide upon request by GGG staff.
Character name: อีดอกไฟโซฮอท
Dxdiag report: Will provide upon request by GGG staff.
production_Config.ini :
Try disabling multithreading: Tried it, no difference (didn't try in 3.6)
Server gateway this occurs on and if it occurs on other: California (US), Yes occurs on others (didn't try in 3.6)

On March 18, email support said:
"Unfortunately we are not currently offering email Technical Support, due to limited staff resources. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please post your issue in the Technical Support subforum and include as much information as you can. You can find this subforum here:"

Please message me on Discord from the MF Academy instead of PMing me on the forum.
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