[3.6] Sweep Hegemony's era Critical Champion (Cheap build)

Well this build is a good build, high clear , tank and a lot of fun.

Thanks to the new Staves points near the Templar I decided to do this build. Sweep fits very well as it pushes the enemies and thanks to the blunt node trauma you will always push the enemies. With Hegemony's you always get power charges and thanks to Enigmatich's reach the area of Sweep is increased considerably.

The build also gets to get 20k of armor and a lot of damage reduction with help from armor and perma fortify.

I decided to take Champion because I do not need to invest in accuracy thanks to ancestry besides always tauntar enemies.


Clear speed
Perma Fortify
High Leech
Never slow stun/freeze/snare

reflect physical is impossible
elemental reflect just turning off the aura.

Links and gears
Ring with the Curse Assassin's mark (Assassin's mark is very important in the late game only then only invest in it later in the game (OBS when you get it it will get a lot of damage).

While you can not kaom's heart you can use another pectoral with LOTS of life and armor, the Kaom's roots boot you can go using a 180+ life is very cheap and then get one with 195+, the belt you can go wearing one with life and resistances you find it very cheap too.

The amulet recommend one with life and a lot of damage. gloves recommend with life and resistances after you get a Spiked gloves with life resistance and attack speed (these are already more rare and expensive). The helmet I recommend Starkonja with enough life (90 minimum) evasion and dexterity, I did not test the Abyssus in him the damage must be very but very high but you get paper also thanks to the negative effect of Abyssus.

I use Increased Area effect to clear maps and concentrated effect for unique targets. If you can not keep your life always full when dealing damage use Ruthless instead of Damage on Full Life

Jewels use Atack speed , staves atack speed and global multiplier


Potions are very important for their survival, so be sure to reconcile and use them always before a pack of monsters to be always using and recharge them at all times.

Pantheon Bandits e Ascendency

USE Fortify on the Leap Slam until you pick up the Permanent.
Pantheon:Solaris and Tukohama
Bandits: help Alira


At the levelling we will use axes to hoist and skill cleave until pick up lvl68 (Hegemony's was try to get a 5l before investing in a 6l)

In the beginning I recommend to get the Cleave skill that you win with the tarkleigh in the first of the hillock as a reward. Equip two weapons to shoot until lvl 12

Lv l2

In the lvl 12 you will use the Limbsplit you put her 4l and linka Cleave + maim + melee physical damage + chance to Bleed

This weapon will take you calmly to lvl 33 where you will change her.

Lvl 33

in lvl 33 you will use Reaper's Pursuit Cleave + Maim + melee physical damage + Multistrike (you only get this gem finishing ato4)

Very strong weapon that will take you to the lvl 45 very quiet.

Lvl 45

Here you will get a very strong scythe but you will need to have a good mana regen recommend having already got the point Life walks mana leech. Links recommend keeping the same Cleave + maim + melee physical damage + multistrike.

Lvl 58

The sickle is very strong until lvl 58 where you will use Kaom's primacy with the same links

you will use it until lvl 68 where he will trade for Hegemony's era, this staff you find very cheap and with good rolls.


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