[3.6] Varyag | Berserker | Ancestral Warchief | 9к HP | 500к-950k dps per totem | Any boss

Welcome friends.
Before we start i must notify you what english is not my main language, so i hope you will understand everything what i want to share with you =)
Here is my vision of Ancestral Warchief Berserker. Ofcourse this build not so good at speed maping, but still have mid+ speed of clearing. Main purpose of this build is bosskilling and farming whole game content from scrap without any big investments.
So, lets begin =)

For whose who doesnt want to wait, here is my pob and profile

Build pros

1)big numbers of damage at maps and bosses
2)high survivability o_O
3)non meta items cost almost nothing
4)easy to start from nothing
5)possible to do any reflect maps, even t16 corrupted guardins. but it will take some time =) totem spam its not fast
6)Available to farm any content in the game

Build cons

1)not the fastest map clear speed
2)totems are not for everyone
3)no life regen maps are a bit problematic, but still doable with war cry spam and a little help of life flask

Why Berserker, not Chieftain?

Why not?)

Berserker have free 40% more damage, +136% increased physical attack damage and 62% increased attack speed. Chieftain not even close to it =)

Ofcourse chieftains totem leech is insane and i still waiting to ggg will add useful item with that mod for all(dont offer that uniq shit shield), also taunt and damage reduction near totems. But here is main weakness of that ascendansy - you need to have alive totems, and more totems-better.
Berserker have 10% life degen and 10% increased damage taken, but in same time he have wonderful ability to restore 25% hp and mana every <2 seconds and constantly keep buff from warcries. This would be our main sourse of survivability.

So, because we chose

we have to use
for maximum damage without any big investments in weapons, so our priority is any sourse of flat physical damage to attacks.
Also i decide to use
which gives us opportunity to drop any source of elemental and chaos damage and give us more space to raise up our physical damage and survivability. Why? Because every boss in game have base 40% elemental resistance and 20% chaos resistance which makes all our elemental damage multiply by 0.6 and chaos by 0.8 by default. Also you should not forget about delve modifiers at boss encounters(also soon nexus bosses), which can raise bosses resistances even higher and it would nulify almost all our elemental and chaos damage if we dont heavily invest in penetration and reduction.Yes, we also can meet physical damage mitigation mods, but seriosly, penetrate one type of damage much more easily than two or even more. And also we are limited in number of passives, item mods and number of flasks.

A bit of pob statistics

At first screen you can see our default numbers at any boss without any flask or limited buff, only buffs which we can easily keep active forever(also dont forget to add +100k dps to totem from dread banner, but about that later). At the second screen you can see same setup, but with flasks active(+150k dps from dread banner to totem).
Also want you to notice what Vaal Ancestral Warchief have overlaping aoe attack, which raise its total dps x2 on big size bosses(all endgame bosses). So at maximum we have 2 normal totems and 2 vaal totems which makes our total dps x6 from 1 totem. If anyone interested now this build have ~3.8kk dps without flasks at max totems, and if we press flasks our dps will raise up to ~5.7kk dps.


Here i would go through my endgame items and talk about cheaper options.


Obvious choise.
Enchant: best option is enchant "of spite" to release chilling projectiles at monsters to lower their action speed.
Corruption: best option is double corruption "+1 to level of socketed gems" with "curse enemy with enfeeble on hit". Temporal chains on hit are also good choise. Vulnerability on hit is usless, its only gives us ~11% increased damage taken at bosses, but we also have to many sources of "increased damage taken", so it gives us a little.But in the same time drop bosses damage\action speed for 10% gives us much more, specially at deep delves.

Weapon о_О

Yes, we are going to equip weapon, but not an any weapon, but which we cant use to give us free sockets to swap gems
which we going to swap between maps\bosses without weapon swap or keeping gem in inventory.

Body Armour

Obvious choise. +3% to all max resistances with hp and flat physical damage, what can be better?

At start of the league, until you didnt have good loreweave my recomendation to use

Its cheap and solves our start problems with attributes and hp. + free attack speed, 12% all res and tonn of armor. Degen from that item didnt work on us at 95% of time because of Ancestral Bond keystone we didnt deal any damage by our selfs(in 5% it would work because of stupid ggg code, it would sime time will trigger while taunted\cursed mobs die near you)


Please look at enchant. With it we have 1.54s cooldown of our enduring cry. Also a lot of hp and 9% increased physical damage taken by the monsters and some resistances if youre lucky with craft. Yes, it is losing in damage to Deidbellow, but it gives us more survivability. Also it is much more easily to find that enchant at burgonets rather than at deidbellow or gilded sallet normal helmet for chancing.

Ofcourse, until we obtain rare helm with enduring cry enchant we using Deidbellow with any enchant

Abyssus? forget about this garbage, this helm doesnt forget mistakes. Yea, numbers of damage will be higher, but who need damage if you can die from random oneshot?

Enchant: Our goal is "30% Increased Enduring Cry Cooldown Recovery Speed". Before that dont really matter what enchant you have. But if you catch enchant for any of these skills it would help also: warchief totem, immortal call, enduring cry.


By my opinion this is best boots in the game. Free immune to stun, freeze, knockback, temporal chains and a lot of another slowing stuff, specially Elder's mad slow. Also tonn of flat hp. No any movement speed bonus we will compensate with +20% ms from rage and shield charge\flame dash spam. Yea, we also lose 4 sockets, but we are good even without them.

Enchant: 2% life regen per second if you were hit recently - its our choise.

Corrupt: Best option by my opinion is double corrupt for +1 to maximun endurance charges with +4% max hp. But yea, its a big rng.


Obvious rare shield with +1 totem,hp and some resistance of possible. Shaped mods for charges\block\chill\shock are not our main goal and we ok without them, but if you catch them its nice also.

Before we get rare +1 totem shield we play with

We dont interested in Tukohama's Fortress uniq shield because its not hard now to get shield with +1 totem without receaving blood magic keystone which disables for us ability to use auras. Only option here if you use tukohama is herald of purity for 13% hp reservation + 4 more spend nodes in passive tree, meh.


Why this belt?A lot of flat hp, % of maximum hp, % hp recovery rate which multiplies all our flat regeneration. Also this is great slot in our build to add Aspect of the Spider which boost our damage and slows enemy speed by 30%.

Before our endgame belt you can use


or rare belt with hp and resistances


Unexpected huh?)We lose in flat physical damage and resistances in our amulet slot but we obtain ability to freely use vitality aura and possibility to use
which in combination with our belt multiply our flat hp regen up to 1.5 times.

Until Aul's amulet we running with rare amulet with flat physical damage, hp and resistances if you need, but i recomend you to plan build without any resistances at amulet to freely swap for auls amulet.

Also good option for amulet is

if you want you can use it until auls amulet.


And here is a reason, why we dropped o lot of flat physical damage in our slots for more survivability.

These two rings compensate all our loses in flat physical damage and our attributes. Herald of purity gives us at 20lvl 25-37 flat physical damage to attacks, with these rings we get up to 75-111 flat physical damage and up to +120% increased physical damage. And what if herald of purity not only 20lvl?...

Until we get these rings we use rare rings with flat physical damage, hp and resistances if you need. best base ofcourse is Steel ring. Dont use Warden Brand uniq rings, they are garbage.

Weapon swap

Just default setup to fast leap around locations + in shield we use
for additional damage.


Because almost all our items didnt have any resistances, we have to use jewels to compensate it. Best options are jewels with 2 resistances mods+maximum hp mod+4th damage mod.

Also we use one
which we place right next to starting area. But if you are still need more resistances you can swap it for one more jewel with resistances, total hp loss would be not big.

And our candy

this jewel gives us max hp and up to 1.3 flat hp regeneration multiply. Best in slot would be this jewel with second mod for flat hp regeneration, but due to our big max hp profit from it not so big and its not nessesary.


Because he have a lot of maximum HP best option for us to instantly recover full life if something will go wrong is forbidden taste. Dont recomend to add quality on flask, becuase it cause flask to stay up for 1 second more and that is 8%hp more degen at 0 chaos res. But 10% more dodge chance + phasing also nice.

At maps with no regen better to change forbidden taste for blood of the karui, or you will burn down if you use forbidden taste =)

Default bleed immune flask. You can use any another utility flask, but basalt gives us more physical resistance if you lazy to use immortal call =). Or you can even change it for another utility flask with useful mod if you will always pop immortal call when you get bleed.

Here is two options. Lion roar for more damage, or magic utility flask with any helpeful mod like antiburn, or like mine with damage taken leeched as life.

Our main anticurse setup, better for 4 charges to always have curse immune. Also a little bonus to damage and 6% hp regen at consecrated ground(with our bonus to hp rcovery rate up to 9%), but consecrated ground from that flask have small aoe and this is sad, not always possible to stay on it. Also for bosses we can swap it for new bottled faith flask for even more damage and giant consecrated ground.

5th slot of our setup is antishock flask. I have two options here: silver flask for more damage and amethyst flask for more chaos resistance if need on some bosses.

This is my personal 5th slot choise for uber elder. A lot of damage mitigation from shapers balls, beam and elder spears with 3% hp regen(up to 4.5% with our hp recovery setup)

Skill gems

Gems are in order of getting 4-5-6 links

for maps we swap conc effect for


Here is our little secret. In ideal setup gloves must have +1 to lvl of socketed gems, which gives our 21 gems one more lvl and in combo with 4lvl empower(and +1 more lvl from gloves) we receive +5 to lvl of socketed gems for a 26lvl of gems. which gives us even more damage and hp regeneration.


And one more little trick. Dread banner and Immortal call linked with 4lvl enhance. It makes our immortal call able to cast like it linked with faster casting, but main benefit we receive from 12% aura effect at dread banner which makes us 25% chance to impale with 1.45% impale effect. If we make math we get +100k dps on each totem without flasks and +150k with flasks. And this math numbers work with condition what impale effect doesnt affect number of impales, if it affects our dps will raise even more.
And a little bonus to flame dash to its cooldown recovery from enhance.


Default shield charge setup. Must be placed in shield for easy swap with leap slam without losing any active skills or auras.

Weapon Swap

Default Brightbeak swap setup for leap slamming. Also possible to change faster attacks for culling strike if you messed up and need to finish boss fast.

Rallying Cry+increased duration for a bit more damage up if you have free second to swap weapons =) ~30sec duration.
And a Portal gem ofcourse)

Ascendancy and Pantheon

Normal lab - War bringer. our main hp recovery and some damage from Rage.
Cruel Lab - Aspect of Carnage. 40% more damage.
Merc and Uber lab - path to Rite of Ruin for double rage effect.

Our main major god is Soul of Solaris. For maps with projectile chains better swap for Soul of Lunaris for immune to chained projectiles because there will be a lot of chained projectiles to you from totems.

Our main minor god is Soul of Shakari for poison immune and more resist to poison clouds. Also possible to swap for another pantheos for bosses.


Our survivability is based mostly on 25% hp restore from warcries. At base with all nodes from tree we would have 1.74 second cooldown for enduring cry with 2 second of hp regeneration buff duration.With adding enchant for 30% increased cooldown recovery of enduring cry we will receive 1.54 seconds cooldown of enduring cry.
Also big part of our survivability is passive life regeneration. Now i have 2.4k positive life regeneration with flasks active over 10% life degen. Without flasks its 1.5k positive life regen.
Third part is our endurance charges. We have 6 basic endurance charges which gives us 24% physical damage reduction and with basalt flask it becomes 39% physical damage reduction, and not only from attacks but also from spells. And because of our fast cooldown on enduring cry+ warcry buff effect we can get these chagres so quickly.
Also we have ability to spend our endurance charges to immortal call for obtaining physical damage immunity. At 6 chagres we get 4.17 seconds of physical immunity with cooldown of 3 seconds at immortal call.


3.6 Uber Elder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEVubjiZt84&t=
3.6 Uber Atziri https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q46TbBnGjIY&t=
3.6 Aul 300 depth https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9ClViZQYK4&t=
3.6 Kurgal 470 depth with mods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9T_BLyK82Q
3.6 Cortex 83lvl location https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaXbhEj1M1I&t=

i think where is no point to drop video with guardians kills =)

So, i think thats all i wanted to share with you guys, if i change or remember something else i will add it to the guide.

Hope you will understand what i tried to say and it would be helpful. If you have qustions feel free to ask them in comments. If i made some mistakes or misswrites - sorry =)
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Nice guide man! I did a bunch of FB warchiefs; your gear is very modest for your dps

during lvling i like to use multitotems and drop brutality with hoa and hatred to help aoe clear during early mapping.

the new 3.6 purity rings are insane! i think because it is no meta they are not noticed yet, but in 3.7 with melee change they will be very popular i think
frawrst wrote:
Nice guide man! I did a bunch of FB warchiefs; your gear is very modest for your dps

during lvling i like to use multitotems and drop brutality with hoa and hatred to help aoe clear during early mapping.

the new 3.6 purity rings are insane! i think because it is no meta they are not noticed yet, but in 3.7 with melee change they will be very popular i think

dont like multitotems coz they drop dps totems by 50% and because of low base weapon range aoe attacks from 2 totems almost hit in same spot so no reason to split aoe attack for same dps from 1 totem.
Yes sure, its possible to swap for damage auras if want, but i like more pure physical setup.
If those rings become so expensive and hardly obtainable its always possible to swap for good old setup with damage items and steel rings.

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