[3.12 Video Guide] Vortex Cold Snap DoT [HC/SC/Uber Elder/Shaper viable]

Thanks for this build. Gonna be my endgame, i am bored of totems, storm brand or ms.
Thanks for this build, can pls say me what i need to upgrade?? I have 20ex +++ Ty!!! Link pls on poe trade if can ty!!!!!
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InTheDarkk wrote:
Thanks for this build, can pls say me what i need to upgrade?? I have 20ex +++ Ty!!! Link pls on poe trade if can ty!!!!!

I would say Solstice Vigil, 21/20 gems, es helmet with -9 cold res and good enchant, maybe aspect of spider.
Thx for the build, i have 2 questions, is the 6% penetration from sambar scepter important/better than 40% increased elemental damage from a void scepter ?
& is the syndicate mod "trigger a spell when you use a skill" the same thing as "trigger a socketed spell" which i can't find anywhere, thank you.
What would you advise to allow aspect of spider coexist with malevolence discipline? After using lvl 3 enlighten on malevolence / discipline it's 46% reserved for malevolence, 32% for discipline and 32% for aspect. Should I take reduced mana reserved node?
I followed your build completely but when i want to allocate Elemental Equilibrium it always shows me that it would only give me -20% DoT DPS , i have no added cold dmg on my gear or Tree, any ideas what it could be?

Uber elder easy(1 stupid death...), Solstice Vigil was last upgrade. But pretty much braindead build. Spaming 2 keys all the way whole content

4th run for uber elder was deathless. :)
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i play Vortex inn syns.. and iam lvl 94 atm.. I read you build guide, and its awsome, manny new thing for me. i just need to know, is it bether to go for minions note for damage or not ??

My average hit is like 54k but my dot is only 292170.. yous is on 694839k
Thats crasy. i got a wery good mace, minions on 80% damage, full live damage on 54% etc... but still, i cant understand if its the minion notes, that do the different..
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Ghazzy do you know any update on this build I use it last few leagues, and with the passive skill tree change with wick ward, haven't seen the gem re-work. Plus what's going to be on the occultist accend now that wickward is on the regular tree?
Builds will be updated once I have all the information, as usual :)
Due to popular demand and me not being a full-time streamer I'm unable to go through all forum threads as I used to, however, I still respond to every question on my YouTube videos!
Build Guides: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1686036

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