[3.6] Elementalist - Blade Vortex Glascanon | Synthesis League [Shaper done]

Welcome to my Blade Vortex Elementalist Guide!

It features high clear speed and also a high DPS output.

No Mind over Matter!

It does very well for delve, mapping and bossing too. But i guess it lacks a bit of ehp because we don't use MoM.

Pro's: Shatter sound, Inpulsas Explosion, Crit sounds krrrr. Easy Bossing, Mapping, Delving. Uses phase run instead of whirling blades or something else which means phasing.

Con's: Lack of EHP can get 1 shotted some times but mostly not. Not the fastest build so far. Blade Vortex recasting maybe annoying for a few people. Only 5 - 5.4k life, better for mapping

How to play: Just cast 1-2 Stacks and run through mob group with Phaserun + Quicksilver Flask Inpulsa + Heralds will do the work for you.

Equipment overview

Not so deathless cuz i suck :)
The Shaper's Realm (Tier 17):

Shaped Spider Forest (Tier 12):


The Eternal Labyrinth:


6 Link: Blade Vortex, Physical to Lightning, Controlled Destruction, Hypothermia, Concentrated Effect, Increased Criticial Strikes

1. 4 Link: Herald of Ice, Innervate, Ice Bite, Increased Critical Strikes
2. 4 Link: Herald of Thunder, Onslaught, Curse on Hit, Warlords Mark.
3. 4 Link: Phase Run, Enhance, Summon Ice Golem, Increased Duration

1. 3 Link: CWDT, Immortal Call, Increased Duration.
2. 3 Link: Herald of Ash <<GEM for Leveling>>, <<Gem for Leveling>>


No Headhunter VERSION: https://pastebin.com/27JpHq2s

Headhunter VERSION: https://pastebin.com/mFwVz84x


Get another Helmet with BV Duration enchant for mapping if you want. If you've a 6l White Socket Inpulsa you can go with increased Duration too. Don't need much recast anymore hehe.

If you're rich get a Headhunter for Clearspeed and for the fun ;)

Get a better pair of gloves lol.

Just level as you want Poet's Pen or just go straight with BV whatever you like hehe
Get a goldrim, wanderlust and maybe a unique sceptre + tabula racer and go. :)

Budget version
Get 2 cheap wands rare or divinarius with high rolls

Get a Tabula Rasa

Craft yourself 2 res rings

Craft yourself a helmet and aim for at least 30 DEX

Not much to say about budget since it will work well with Tabula but lack of clearspeed due to no explosion from Inpulsa's

Rolling Maps
Do NOT roll:
Elemental Reflect
Physical Reflect
Chance to avoid elemental ailments
No regeneration (bring mana flask if you roll it)
Cannot leech


03/28/2019: Added version for Headhunter / Changed normal version with new items.
03/28/2019: Added delve video and shaper GIF

Cheers and good drops

Need Help? IGN: KineticLabLunnel_MF_SM
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Looks nice, I will give it a try if I crafted some gear for it.
But the empty sockets?^^
Empty sockets are for leveling gems or portal or something you like.

Added few more videos and a gif also changed the thread a bit, enjoy

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