[3.6] CoC Frostfire Deadeye - Advice wanted

Hello everyone!

I would like to ask for advice to improve my character.
It is mostly original, but the general idea is from an old Build of the Week video:

First I just wanted to create a character with cast on crit and bows, so being a Ranger was the obvious choice - even though it might not be the best.

I got the general idea to trigger cold skills only to use Herald of Ice, which worked fine, but at some point I've found

and I've decided that I'm going to go all in on this item.

To get around the restriction of not being able to kill enemies that are not frozen,
I've decided that I'm going to ignite them, so I've switched one of the triggered skills in my bow to fireball, and added a cold to fire support to my Herald of Ice.

My bow looks like this right now: (this was a budget choice)

Later I've found out that the new patch introduced a unique ring that buffs Herald of Ice, so I've picked up a cheap one.

Also the new quiver seemed something that would facilitate a higer meme level, so I've bought one too, and put some cold tornados in there

It's not triggering as frequently as I would've hoped, but its fine.

Bottom line

How could I improve this build while keeping it in the same spirit?
I'm looking for suggestions for skills to swap,
Items to obtain, maybe even specific notable passives - but I'm already lvl 80 and don't have many options remaining (reaching lvl 90 is reasonable).

Stuff to keep in mind for suggestions:
I'm sticking with Deadeye,
I'm using cold as the primary damage type,
Ignite as a finisher for thawed monsters.

Any extra triggers I can cram in there are welcome.
I'm already using split shot to get power charges and apply Assassin's mark curse.

Thank you in advance!
Army of Zombies, Army of Skeletons and a few Specters is my dream, currently it is 8/12/3, but it can grow - and it will.
Last bumped on Apr 3, 2019, 5:39:11 AM

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