[3.6] CrystalNix's Lacerator

Hey everyone, CrystalNix here!

I'd like to share with you guys my starter build i made in Synthesis SC league. It is a dual wield, RT, lacerate champion. I have to say that it's kinda awkward, because i can't really calculate the damage output, as it doesn't show all the stuff we stack in the tooltip or pob. Such are impale stacks with some flat phys per impale from ascendancy, some bleed dmg, poison stacks, maim, campion's Worthy hero (taunted enemies take 20% increased dmg), intimidate debuff from belt of the deceiver (enemies take 10% increased damage), and on top of that lacerate does 25% more dmg with hits and ailments against bleeding enemies. Here is a video, showing the the build in action, so you can decide whether to continue reading or not :}

T16 Hydra

T16 Minotaur (i swapped the gear to show the difference in dmg, if any)

- decent clear speed
- easy and cheap to build
- can do all map mods except 1 (which is in cons)
- tankyish ;d
- great league starter
- i believe it's HC viable with a bit more life

- can't do phys reflect
- doing endgame with melee can be tricky
- not the strongest out there

My Gear

I started of the league with dual wielding Soul Taker axes and The Bringer of Rain helmet, which is a pseudo 7 link for those who don't know. I spend like 5 chaos few days after the beginning for them. After that i had nothing better to do with my currency and since i enjoy crafting, i made 2 siege axes and an armour with maim. This is not required for the build to work and actually it's not that big of an upgrade. It wasn't worth it at all, but it is something i personally enjoy doing (crafting). Haemophilia gloves help with the clear and the belt is a nice defense/offense option, both easy to acquire. Also a ring with vulnerability on hit is a good upgrade. Other items are rares to fill the resists and get as much life as we can.

My Flasks

The important things to get here are freeze, curse and bleed removals. Lion's roar can be swapped with the silver flask for greater dmg output, because we get onslaught on kill from the axe cluster on the tree. I personally don't like the knockback.


Jewels can be whatever you like life, attack speed, area damage, damage when dual wielding, etc. Or if you are missing resists or some intel, you can get that. Abyss jewels tho won't benefit you a lot since we are not doing any elemental damage and the flat physical from them is not that good imo. If you are not using BoR, try getting chance to blind abyss jewel, it is helpful.
Here are the ones that i have been using


BoR/6 link armour: Lacerate - Melee phys - Multistrike - Faster Attacks - Chance to bleed support - Increased area of effect (swap aoe gem with concentrated effect for tougher boss fights)

Auras/buffs: Dread banned - to get better chance to impale
Purity of ice - to help with resists
Herald of Agony - to get chance to poison

Ancestral warchief - Maim - Culling strike
This setup is to help with boss fights (when you need it)

CWDT - Immortal call - Increased duration
For defense against phys burst damgage. It will not help against big phys hits tho ...

Blood rage - Vaal Grace - Increased duration
Attack speed and defense in sketchy situations

Leap slam - Faster attacks - Fortify - Blood rage
For fast movement and proccing fortify

All of the above you can chance to your likings. If you get another source of poison - drop HoA. Enough resists = drop Purity etc. Though i don't really think there is anything better to swap for. We will have to wait for 3.7 and maybe we will get physical aura :? Who knows :D

My tree at 95

I tried Crimson dance, it wasn't worth the investment of passive points, little to no difference with it. Bleed is just in a weird spot right now imo.
Acro and Phase acro are good paired with vaal grace. And we have decent amount of evasion. The only downside is the Less armour ... Big phys hits can hurt, beware.
Do not skip Resolute technique, there are maps that have "cannot be taunted"

Ascendancy points
In order of me taking them:
Unstoppable Hero
Worthy Foe
Master of Metal

Bandits - kill all

Pantheon - Soul of Solaris and Soul of Shakari

Pob link - https://pastebin.com/gE3cBxP5


Head straight for RT. Level with Sunder, it's easiest, on a 4 link it will get you to 67, when you can equip The Bringer of Rain. After that you'll be chillin' :P This is something i do with all my builds.

Questions and suggestions are always welcome. Leave them in the comments and i will do my best to see to them.

You can sometimes catch me live here:

Good luck and stay sane exiles ! :}
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Nice one, I love Lacerate. It's like a manlier Reave.
Build looks fun to play, but I think you can get at least 30-40% more damage out of it by tweaking a bit.

-Faster Attacks is way worse dps-wise than Ruthless
-Why are you using Herald of Agony over Herald of Purity?
-Lacerate Helmet enchants are pretty much for free this league
-You can save the points for RT because of your Ascendancy
-Try to get at least 10% attack speed on jewels, pretty much makes up for Faster Attacks Support gem

Good Luck exile!

Thanks for the suggestions.
Me personally would take faster attacks to perform the multistrike as fast as possible on any build and not stay locked for the duration of it. From ruthless support would only benefit the bleed damage which i am not stacking (not using crimson dance anymore).
Agony is for chance to poison, if you have another source, you can completely remove the gem. Tho poison is a really good bonus against bosses since we are attacking like more than 20 times a second.
Enchant would be nice but i got lucky with blood rage attack speed, it's fine for me.
Some maps have "cannot be taunted" mods, you will have around 70% chance to hit there, and taunt lasts 3 seconds, which means you will have 70% chance to hit a boss if you haven't hit him in the past 3 seconds. RT is just a must for non crit to be consistent.
Yea, jewels with attack speed i agree would benefit the most.
If you would like to argue on any of these points, please do so i would love to do so too :D

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