NOTE: This is not a cheap build, and utilizes legacy quantity gear and can therefore not be played in league

This build is slightly more tanky than your average MF ranger.

My budget for this build was 130 ex (excluding amulet)

Investing heavily into this build can yield over 200% quantity with a headhunter!

Please leave all questions about the build in the comment section


Path of building Pastebin

Build Pastebin Level 97: https://pastebin.com/ANExai26




Deadeye Ascendancy!

Gathering Winds - Far Shot - Ricochet - Fast And Deadly


My gear

We are Utilizing A Windripper for the increased quantity and since we are elemental damage this bow fits perfectly!

We are using a legacy quantity helmet! IThese are pretty expensive so other options are using starkinjas or a lightpoacher.

For quiver we use a rigwalds for the "Projectiles Fork" mod.

In the amulet slot we are using a legacy quantity amulet with resists and life. My amulet is by no means necisarry, however it frees up our other slots so they dont have to have so much res on them, which in turn allows us to invest more heavily in quantity!

In the ring slots you go for legacy quantity rare rings! I only got 16% quantity rings because i was on a budget, however they go up to 20% each!

Here e go for a pair of double legacy sadimas touches. They go up to 24% quantity!

Here we go for a pair of legacy Goldwyrms. Quantity goes up to 30%.

And in the belt slot we go for a good ol headhunter for insane clearspeed! Another option if you are in a large party and want to maximise your quantitty you can go for a string of servitude belt with quantity implicit!

This Might seem a little subotimal for clearspeed, but with the recent nerfs to queen of the forest and us being in desperate need of resistances a 6 link 170+ total res astral plate is just what we need!


Skill tree


Gem Links:


Barrage - Elemental focus - Elemental Damage with attacks - Slower projectiles - Added Cold Damage - Added Lightning

Lightning arrow:

Lightning arrow - Item Quantity - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Chain Support - Ice bite - Elemental damage with attacks

Herald of ice:

Herald of ice - Curse On hit - Assasins Mark - Enlighten

Blink Arrow:

Blink Arrow - Faster Attacks - Onslaught



The rest is pretty much up to you, i use a cast on death portal setup just in case i die in a high tier map lol.


Min maxed quantity:

Get a legacy windripper (25% quantity)
Perfect legacy goldwyrms (30% quantity)
Perfect legacy sadimas ( 24% quantity)
2 legacy quantity rings (40% quantity)
Legacy quantity amulet (20% quantity)
Leagacy quantity helmet ( 20% quantity)
Item quantity support level 21/20 (44% quantity)

For A Total Of: 203% quantity

Going even further:
String of servitude quanttity implicit (15% quantity)
Divination Distillate ( 25% quantity)
Greeds Embrace (res capped with aurabot) (15% quantity)

For A Total Of: 258% quantity

If you want a copy of my mf amulet here is the thread:https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2469316

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How many mirrors/per hour? Sweet build. Gimme necklace pls, thanks
Sokonx wrote:
How many mirrors/per hour? Sweet build. Gimme necklace pls, thanks
Haha thanks <3
Amazing, thanks for sharing your build!

𝕹𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖙𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕺𝖍 𝕿𝖍𝖗𝖊𝖊
Kaoms_Heart wrote:
Amazing, thanks for sharing your build!

Ahah thanks :D
Just curious to what ur gems are now since u can’t get item quantity gem support anymore?
The skill tree link is broken, I cannot see it. Can you repost it please?

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