[3.6] Pixel’s CI HOWA Molten Strike Trickster

Pixel_Trix :Lvl 97 Trickster Synthesis League

Running on about 20ex investment atm, this is my first real trickster. The build can be functional with about 6ex.

Guide Part I: :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ekv_zcf4-Z8
Guide Part II: :https://youtu.be/lwKBdACJYQ4
Guardians, Shaper, Elder guardians all down, uber elder pending.

-3 million shaper DPS
-Tanky bosser, able to clear guardians and shaper on 6 ex.
-Fun AF.
-Whirling blades on an attack speed scaling build is outrageous.
-Easy to make your money back. Being successful in 99% of encounters helps make money!
-8-10k es
-Ghost Shrouds
-No ele reflect maps
-have to drop an aura to run no regen
-Clear is not comparable to a mapping build, but this will get you through the game.
-Need stun mitigation in addition to ghost shrouds, but gets very strong with boot enchant.

Ascendancy: Trickster- Ghost Dance, Weave The Arcane, Escape Artist, Harness The Void- i picked up escape artist while still on a tabula and it would have been better if i grabbed it when i already had the shroud.

POB level 92: https://pastebin.com/aDJn5zGG
POB Level 97: https://pastebin.com/CXBSLk4f

Level 97 Gear and Gems:





Level 90 Gear and Gems:

Flasks: Upgrades pending


Jewels: Upgrades pending

Searching eye is just a trash placeholder, Cobalt is balancing res and providing es/int
Intuitive leap is used for acquiring overcharged and melding

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Ralakesh

Bandits:Kill All

Upgrades: Cyclopean Coil could use a good corruption, ele weakness on hit on shaper's touch gloves, drop wise oak in red maps, pick up dying sun and vinktar. Get corrupting blood on a jewel. Dropped Call of the Brotherhood for now. Claws should get culling strike and/or attack speed corruptions.

Glad for improvement suggestions!

[Until u get curse on hit corruption on gloves, use COH+Conductivity+HOT or something similar]
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Is there a reason you are running two HOWA instead of a HOWA and a shield?
ive been looking into crafting a shield for this build. you would gain 1000-1200 ES, but to craft a shield with comparable attack speed and damage gains would be a righteous endeavor. A synthesised base with t1 int, t1 attack speed, high es, lightning as extra chaos and a %int implicit would be what it takes to make this upgrade worth it. the t1 lightning as extra chaos roll has a 0.09% chance to hit.

You would gain significant survivability but until this item actually exists, I could not recommend it over the damage bonus from the extra stat scaling from the claw. While atziri's reflection adds much survivability and frees up a flask for curses, the damage nerf would be huge.

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