[3.6] The Deathbot - Deathless Uber Elder - 2.5 mil Shaper DPS - 8 Aura

The Deathbot

Hey guys, this is my second build for doing uber elder! This time around I am using Soulrend, Bane, and Blight as my primary skills.

It's a fantastically versatile build that can do all content. You can also easily be an aura-bot/semi-support while you gear up!

My Soulrend Dps = 763,023
Bane = 354,349
Blight x 20 stacks = 1,318,940 DPS
Soulrend+Bane+Blightx20= 2,516,312 Shaper DPS

The damage is constant, no need for flasks! 9,750ish energy shield with great leeching and recharge rate.

This build is running several auras, Purity of Ice, Purity of Fire, Haste, Discipline, Malevolence, Zealotry, Clarity, and Herald of Agony.

I built this character up from scratch, no currency or anything. It's cheap to build, but will get very expensive when you look at my final game equipment. As you gear up, you can easily party with people providing them auras, and switch out different aura gems depending on your party needs, it's a great versatile setup.

The gear is reasonable too, I killed uber Elder with about 10ex in gear, felt like I could have done it on only 5 ex.

The only DPS not accounted for is in the ascendency tree of Ocultist. I have no idea how big of a dps boost negating enemy life regeneration is, but it's probably significant.

Budgeting: You want to get gear that boosts your ES/Resists for early mapping. 6,000 ES and 75 resists is what you need, than focus on a nasty wand.
Use Chaos Inoculation until you can afford a Shavron's.
You can use blood magic to equip purity of fire and purity of ice when you grab your Shav's, it's a big boost to your survivability and damage because it also let's you pick up pain attunement in your tree.

Use a Le Heup de All, Dream Fragments, or a Timetwist as your early game rings until you can switch to the end game ones.

Get a Doedre's Scorn asap, it is the strongest item for leveling/mapping fast with Bane.

Mapping: Swap out the Kaom's Roots for +35 Movespeed/Energy Shield or just get Greedtraps for the IIQ bonus.

Leveling PoB: (Includes Skill Tree and Leveling items/gem setup)

(Before skilling Chaos Innoculation, you will use a combination of life and energy shield, until your energy shield doubles the value of your life. Then you take CI.)
To use maximum mana reserved efficiency, in order to use the auras properly, make sure to have a level 20 blood magic gem and a conquerer's efficiency jewel.

Early Mapping Gear: You should focus on making or buying your early mapping gear with high energy shield and resistances. Try to get as high of a damage wand or 1 hander as you can afford.

Ultra End Game PoB Link (configured with Wither and Shaper reductions):

Super End Game Gear:

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Here is the PoB link

Если сегодня не было стрима, то он 100% будет завтра
Updated to include PoB link and new items for Uber Elder.

New shield hype, fresh craft! :)
Many updates are happening everyday, and the build is evolving to become even stronger. I am now using items that are incredibly expensive and the cost for the true end game version of this build (like all builds) is limitless. Feelin' godlyish now. :)
Going to play this as my league starter. Can you please provide levelling tree/guide?
levelling tree would be good for me too - stuck between this and vortex/cold snap
Leveling PoB up with skill setup, items, and some tips.

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