[3.6] SC | Divine Ire Staff/ CI / Uber Elder, Uber atzir videos / Es leech

Hi, so i wanted to try out the new skill Divine ire and CI. Since last time i played it back on 2.something. Also that new es leech mechanic is goddamn fun and safe.


There is POB link where u see all my items, passives, bandits, jewels, ascendancies.

Uber atzir : https://plays.tv/s/M8Ip0YJMZLeH Since this guy reflects the 2% of damage i do, i had to go Phys to lightning and pop up topazz flask. trio was eeeeez

Uber Elder : https://plays.tv/s/M8I_fpFwmfF5

This was my first run as this character and its totally possible without deaths, as u see that uber run was soooo damn bad and kinda bad luck. I have killed uber elder like 5 times and with 2 different characters so if u dont have lots of experience killing uelder, this is your chance to learn the fight

All Uber elder guardians : https://plays.tv/video/5c94dfe3106eef6e22/divine-ire-all-uber-elder-guardians?from=user

SHAPER: https://plays.tv/s/M8HogqX9Z6MX

T15 elder : https://plays.tv/s/M8HpiyBKmSf_

Phoenix full run : https://plays.tv/s/M8HptL0z7tRj

Phys reflect maps Run physical to lightning and you're godo to go.

Leveling : classic spell gear with tabula, i used freezin pulse to lvl 28 and then started rocking the Divine ire skill.

DO WHAT U WANT: U can play this with Life version but will not be good as this. -manacost ring is really good since we can run 3 auras and with some mana regen we can cast almost 24/7. You can run this build with dual daggers or wands or dagge/shield or whatever u want.
Warlord's mark's elder ring with warlord's mark having Ghost Reave keystone makes u leech more ES than spell es leech, also mark of the shaper ring to that. its just insane synergy


BTW im selling my divine ire gear so if ur interested pm me : nko_oneshotIRE
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Are you using herald of ice in the videos? It doesn't say that you are using it but it looks like you might be so where are those explosions coming from?
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