[3.6] Build Concept - Chieftan flameblast totem

Hey Everyone,

I've been playing this game for about 2 years now and have turned into a big fan of totem builds.
My first totem build was lifting nerds warchief totem, played with freezing pulse totems, arc totems and now holy fire totem.
During my leveling process I once used a flameblast totem and I really liked the way it looked and played so now I was looking for a flameblast totem build and I see there are no real up to date builds that use this skills.

I'm aware that flameblast is not a strong skill but for me playing the game is just for fun. I dont need to kill every content, I just want to enjoy the game as it is.

As such, I attempted myself to create a flameblast build and given pastebin build has been made in a few hours.

This ist he very first build I ever tried to make and I was looking for feedback to see where I can change things and where I can improve things.


Any feedback is helpfull. If there are question on choices I have made feel free to ask them also.

The reason for marauder is because I prefer to stay alive :-)
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hey there,

thanks for the build idea, i wanted to make a holy flame chieftain and this gave me a basis to work on.

i think taking the fire wheel on the witch side is more beneficial than the dual wield and fire on the temple side (dark arts and explosive impact).

i also think you can go without the precision and quick recovery nodes.

not sure the divine wrath and divine fury nodes are worth it since flameblast doesn't have any phys damage (or maybe i completely misunderstand how this game works, i'm still a noob).

you don't crit that much, so maybe ele overload is good for you (maybe you can proc it with an orb of storms or storm brand setup).

here's how i would set it up, keep in mind i'm not an expert at all.


hope this helps!

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