[3.6] Necromancer Zoo-keeper, Good league starter.

Hi!, I'm a small time streamer called stitch I love PoE and have put a generous amount of hours into it but this will be my first atempt at a guide for anything I've done, skeleton only necromancer was the first sucesfull build i ever played and since then it has had a special place in my heart so I thought I'd share my current iteration of it!

I hope you have as much sucess with it as I've had and if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave me a message in the replies or stop by my stream if I'm online!.

And here's some shameless selfpromotion before we get into it.
Stream: www.twitch.tv/mindriotstitch
Discord: https://discord.gg/8P3BCM

What is this build?

This is an evolution of the skeleton only summoner i played in incursion, this version will have more dps due to the other minions ive added into it thanks to the removal of kaoms heart.
the big dps difference doesnt come from the minions themselves but from the buffs they provide.

first of we have our 10-11 skeleton bros (difference is if you have helmet craft for +1 or not), ontop of this we have 2 spectres personally i use the Carnage chieftans from act 2 as theese provide your skeleton bros with frenzy charges.

after our spectres and skellies come our animated guardian his items are geared towards buffing your other minions and survivability.
and last but not least we have our bestial rhoa that comes from our body armor this gives our skeletons and other minions the intimidate modifier for 10% more damage.

Pros & Cons:


+ Relatively tanky with 6.5k hp
+High damage on a low budget
+can clear most content on a 5 link
+relatively fast mapper
+can do all map mods even though some are abit more of a pain in the ass then others


-Summoner playstyle can feel boring to some
-Limited delving viability
-lack of teleportation style movement skills

Talent tree/Pantheon/Bandits/Ascendancy:

For your bandit just go with kill them all, the 2 passive points are going to be more usefull to you then the other bonuses.


For your major pantheon i would go with soul of Solaris for the damage reduction, all the minor nodes on her are pretty decent so try and pick thoose up while you do your atlas completion.

For your minor pantheon i would take soul of ralakesh but any you like works really.


PoePlanner for lvl 92


Obviously since we're focusing on the skeletons we'll go with necromancer, if you want to level with the skellies from the start take the points in this order, Invoker -> Bone Sculptor -> Puppet Master -> Commander of darkness.

you can switch order of puppet master and commander of darkness if you're having trouble fixing your resistances, and obviously if you dont start by leveling with skeletons you can go with whatever order you like.

Gem Links And Jewels.


Gem Links:

If nothing else is said assume all gems should be lvl 20.


Skeleton Link in staff:

This is placed in your staff and the priority of the gems will be as written from left to right with the left side being most important.
Vaal Summon skeleton -> Melee splash(swap for melee physical damage on bosses that dont need splash) -> Minion Damage support -> MultiStrike support -> Minion Speed supoort -> Maim support.

Body armor Link:

Your body armor is split into two 3 socket links the first one triple blue, this is where your spectre link goes it will look like this:
Summon Spectre -> Minion life support -> Minion and totem resistance support
This link also lends it supports to your bestial rhoa provided by the armor itself.

the second 3 link is 2 red and one green and this is where you'll put your generosity auras and it looks like this:
Generosity support -> Hatred -> Dread Banner

Boot Link:

In your boots is where you'll place your Immortal call link, This link provides you with a source of phys damage immune and ontop of that you get the frostwall that can save you from some pretty sticky situations (remember that you can get through your own wall with phase run), the link itself looks like this:
Cast when damage taken (lvl 1) -> Immortal call (lvl 3) -> Frost wall (lvl 10)-> Increased Duration (lvl 20)

Glove Link:

This is our curse link, you'll be using ball lightning with a curse on hit support to apply it, this is also where you're desecrate lives so you can resummon your spectres if they die, the link itself looks like this:
Curse on hit -> Vulnerability -> Ball lightning -> Desecrate

Helmet Link:

This Is 2 separate skills in one item, first off we have our animate guardian link and that looks like this:
Animate guardian -> Minion Life support

and then we have our phase run link which looks like this:
Phase run -> Increased duration support

Ring links:
The rings are pretty self explanatory the red one houses our Stone golem and the blue one houses clarity


We have a grand total of 9 jewel slots so alot of our damage comes from here.

Rare Ghastly eye jewels:

You'll be using 3 of theese and they each have a separate purpose,
The first one Is your taunt jewels, on this one you want as close to 50 life as you can get and then Minions have #% chance to taunt on attack for your last two mod options you can go with anything but the ideal gem would have +minion physical damage and minion attack speed.

The second gem is your Blind gem,
On this gem you again want as close to 50 life as you can get, and ontop of that you want Minion has #% to blind on attack for the last two mod options just as the other one you want +minion physical damage and attack speed

The third one for me was just a resistance fix gem, so you can either go for more taunt here or use this one to ease up the resistance burden on your gear.

Unique Jewels:
The first one is your most quality of life improving jewels and its called "From Dust" it lets you summon 2 additional skeletons each cast, this both ups your dps and helps you with eventual mana problems.

The second one is called "To Dust" which adds a metric shit tonne of damage and attack speed to all your skeletons, you will be running 5 of theese.


My current gear and the recommended gear would be roughly the same the only thing i still need is a bonehelmet with skeleton damage enchant other then that you can use my gear as a reference point.


This item provides you with whooping 20% minion attackspeed and 20% minion damage (22%if you have +1 skeleton craft on helmet) and +2 to all the minion gems in your skeleton 6L.
As far as I know theres no better replacement weapons you might get close with some rediculous minion damage weapon but i doubt it will make up for the +2gems and redonkulous stats this give you.

Grip of the council is a huge damage boost ontop of having life, strength and some resistance, until you get theese any rares with health and res will keep you happy.


In this slot we go for Yriels fostering it gives you the Bestial rhoa skill which gives your skeletons a source of intimidate for a 10% more damage multiplier.
ontop of that it also gives a fair amount of health, movement speed and some other shit that doesnt really benefit you.

you dont want a 6L here just set your links up like i did and you'll be fine, to get the 5 off colors in the right order start by getting a 3 socket one and vorici coloring it 3B then use the vorici socket craft method to get the rest.


For your rings you want a Pharia with a redsocket for your golem this gives you a juicy 100life and 5% cast speed, and for your rare ring you want a blue socket unset ring for your clarity, on this you want to prioritze life, res and strength anything else is just gravy.


for your amulet you're going to want a Jade amulet base the reasoning behind this is that the build doesnt leave you with alot of dex so you need to fix your 170 dex for the yriels fostering on this item, so stat priority for this is Dex, Life, Strength, and resistance.


For your belt you want a Stygian vise for that extra jewel slot, here you want either to fossil craft or essence of fear craft for the 30% minion life this can be quite costly but remember if you league start with it you got plenty of time and something basic like mine will carry you a long way.


I would recomennd going for two-tones to help you finish off your resistances, theese can be quite costly but any rares with movement speed life and res should work aslong as you're capped.

For this slot you want a fossil/essence crafted bonehelmet (again for minion life) with the 40% skeleton damage enchant , I personally dont have this part yet as i havent found a seller for this and im to lazy to run labs.
until you get this any helmet with life and resistance will do, if you have an open prefix you can always craft +1 skeleton which gives a ton of dps.

slot 1: Blood of the Karui, nothing weird here just a thick boi health flask.

Slot 2:Life flask with instant use and anti freeze is what i use here.

Slot 3:I use a sapphire flask with extended duration and curse removal, I choose this because the cold damage reduction is really nice for delve and the curse removal should be self explanatory.

Slot 4: Extra speed quicksilver flask with additional charges for that zoom zoom speed.

Slot 5: Mana flask with bleed removal.

There are ofcourse other flasks you can use like taste of hate for additional tankyness feel free to experiment if you dont like my flasks.

Animate Guardian Gear:

What to avoid:

Make sure you dont get any elemental damage to spells on any of your gear or you'll fuck up your EE

Nothing yet start asking question!

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