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20 March 2019 - Made some changes to the FAQ section. If you decide to take the Divine Wrath passive the conversion should be 65% Lightning and 35% Cold.
19 March 2019 - Stone Golem and Frost Bomb are now linked with Culling Strike. Vaal Righteous Fire is no longer linked with Efficacy, it's slot is replaced with Flame Dash.

● Showcasing Storm Burst's Effective Range. Able to reach edge of the screen.

Leveling and Budget Guide

Build Mechanics
There are 2 Reddit Threads that go in depth about the new Storm Burst in 3.6

● PSA: How to get to 2 seconds Storm Burst Duration

● Premature Evaluation: reworked Storm Burst

Offenses and Map Clear Speed
● Permanent Onslaught from Ahn's Heritage Shield
● Shield Charge + Flame Dash for movement and dodging
● Adrenaline Quicksilver Flask
● High effective range of Storm Burst
● Increased Cast and Attack Speed from Inquisitor Ascendancy
● Vaal Righteous Fire for tougher fights.
● Arcane Surge
● Elemental Overload

Defenses and Pantheon
● 5.2k Life + 2.4k Mana (Mind Over Matter) + 750 Energy Shield
● +3 to Maximum Elemental Resistances from Ahn's Heritage Shield
● With a Totem Build we can safely off-screen tougher fights (eg. Map Bosses).
● 3-8#% chance to Hinder Enemies on Hit with Spells, with 30% reduced Movement Speed
● Shield Charge + Flame Dash for movement and dodging
● Fortify
● Cast when Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Enfeeble

From Inquisitor Ascendancy : -
- You have Consecrated Ground around you while stationary.
- Consecrated Ground you create lingers for 4 seconds.
- While on Consecrated Ground you have :
1. 15 Mana Regeneration
2. Immunity to Elemental Ailments
3. 200 Energy Shield Regeneration

Pantheon : -
Major Gods
Soul of the Brine King - Prevents Stun Lock

Minor Gods
Soul of Shakari - Poison Immunity

Passive Skill Tree

Inquisitor Ascendancy Class Tree

My Gear in 3.6 - Synthesis League

Gem Links
Body Armour
Storm Burst + Spell Totem + Multiple Totems + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + (Elemental Penetration - from Shroud of the Lightless)

Immortal Call + Cast when Damage Taken + Enfeeble + Clarity

Shield Charge + Faster Attacks + Fortify + Onslaught

Orbs of Storms / Storm Brand + Increased Critical Strikes + Increased Duration + Arcane Surge

Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Duration + Flame Dash

Stone Golem + Culling Strike + Frost Bomb

Unset Ring 1 / Essence Worm

Unset Ring 2 / Essence Worm



● Kill All

Map Mods
Dangerous Map Mods
● Players cannot Regenerate Life, Mana or Energy Shield
● -(12-9)% maximum Player Resistances
● Monsters reflect XX% of Elemental Damage

Map Mods that we can SAFELY DO
● Monsters reflect XX% of Physical Damage
● Cannot Leech Life and Mana from Monsters
● Monsters are Hexproof

Path of Building Pastebin

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is this build Hardcore viable?
Yes. Look under the "Defenses" section if you have doubts.

If I want to forego this Build's defenses and just focus on maximizing my DPS what should I do ?
1. Replace Ahn's Heritage Colossal Tower Shield with a +1 Totem Shaper Shield.
2. Replace Stibnite/QuickSilver Flask with Silver Flask (for Onslaught).
3. Replace Fragility Jewels with better Jewels.

How's the Build as a League Starter?
Leveling is pretty smooth as a Templar/Inquisitor.

Why Inquisitor instead of Hierophant?
Single Target is not an issue when it comes to this build, it's clear speed.
The Inquisitor ascendancy provides both attack and cast speed which allows the
build to be more mobile when compared to Hierophant.

Why aren't you using Physical to Lightning Support for 100% Lightning Damage?
By converting the remaining 35-50% Physical Damage to Cold I can make full use of the new Hatred Aura for more DPS. Frost bomb can now be used for Cold Penetration.

Note : -
1. If you do not have Shroud of the Lightless you have to use Physical to Lightning Support + Lightning Penetration.

2. Once you have Shroud of the Lightless but you do not have Physical to Cold Hatred Watcher's Eye + Physical to Cold Glove Craft, you can instead use Hrimsorrow/Hrimburn Gloves.

3. If you have a 35% (or more) of Physical Damage Converted to Cold Damage while affected by Hatred Watcher's Eye you do not need the Physical to Cold Glove Craft.
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Items to consider while leveling : -
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good single target and uber viable?
PLEASE post gameplay videos
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