[3.6] EB + MoM Acrobatic Soulrend Trickster


T14 (first time this map, don't judge my way running ^^)

Hi guys!

At first I wanna say that I recieved lots of help by the community around terence_, so cannot say this thing was done by myself.

Anyway, this is a very basic guide. This does not require anything, can be played SSF and/or as starter. Currently I am mapping alched/vaaled T12-T14 maps, sometimes T15. I can run all of them without any issues. For the second GIF I changed my ES belt for a (freshly found) Bisco's Leash, just to see the progress. Maps are T12 (first gif) and T14 (second gif) by the way. It was the first time running that map, as you can see on my clearing way^^.

TLDR; this is a very very fast and solid build with lots of defensive mechanics, such as dodge (spell + attacks), HP/ES + MOM, leech to HP/ES/Mana and many more (see Trickster ascandencies for example). So probably this is for people who prefer not dying

If you got any question you can hit me up in here or ingame.


+ Runs with cheap/SSF gear
+ Very good map clear
+ Very good boss damage
+ Can run any map mod
+ Defensive mechanics
+ Doesn't get boring as you are using several skills

- Requires you to use skills and flasks frequently to make use of all the potential. Not everyones style.
- As any other caster in the game this is not meant to facetank boss slams
- You need to stop for casting Soulrend or any other skill.


My main goal is to improve this, so let me know if you found something I can do better or whatever :) If someone says you shouldn't do this he/she is probably right. Appreciating any advice!
With this build I am running any kind of map mods. Currently I mainly run alched and vaaled t12-14 shaper/elder maps. I am sure this build can run t16 maps as well, just did not try it yet. Same for late late game content.

This build was running with mostly SSF gear before. Just improve your quality on gems and flasks.

For white mobs Soulrend will do the job really fine. When its about a bossfight you want to achieve as many debuffs on the boss as possible:

ED: (~5s duration)
Bane: (~2.2s duration)
Soulrend: (~0.5s duration)

Additionally you can use Blight Totem to deal additional damage and slow down the enemy.

Why are you doing this or that

You can change the tree like whatever you want to. I was using the minion nodes before I switched to acrobatic, but this way this is way less squishy and the damage is still GG. Same for the skills and gems.

I am using only one HP flask and 4 utility flasks. Flasks are more useful than any item upgrade you can get. When you have increased duration as suffix you'll be able to keep them running permanently.

Adding some screens to show the effect:

No flasks running

Flasks running


Phase run + quicksilver


Level 92


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The gear was (except the 6l) pretty cheap. I paid around 5-10c for any item you can see below. Just have a look for high evasion on the armor and high ES on the helm.
You can use any unique armor with higher evasion, e.g. Queen of the Forest or Hyrri's Ire.

Spreading Rot, to achieve Wither when casting Blight.
Intuitive Leap to skill "Overcharge" node.

A jewel with res/attributes/dot/life, depending on whatever you need.

Gem Setup


If 6L:

Essence Drain:


CWDT/Phase Run:
This will not trigger Phase Run, but all skills will use the Increased Duration Support gem.

Flame Dash:
Arcane Surge will not work because of EB.



I mainly use utility flasks. I am able to keep them up permanently when I am mapping because of the increased duration prefix + 20Q. You can use unique flasks but I'd highly recommend using utility flasks.

For dvelving:


Skills: Skills such as Frost Bomb, Explosive Traps, ED + Contagion, Bane later on will work until you got Soulrend + GMP.

Bandits: Kill all.

Tree: I went for the near chaos nodes and upper tree first. When mana was fine I went for MoM, when life/mana/es was fine I went for EB. I went for acrobatic skills when I was ~Level 80. To calculatet my eHP I used this calculator: https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/49yos2/mind_over_matter_ehp_calculator/
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Patient Reaper -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist -> Prolonged Pain

Solaris, Gruthkul

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Appreciating any feedback.
Do you use your Bane for DMG or only to apply the despair curse?

For the despair curse you could craft something like this with an abberant fossil.

I needed 10 fossils for this wand.

This way would get 4 gemslot that you can use for aura gems.
A vaal grace and malevolence would buff your defence and offence.
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I'm trying this setup on PS4... CWTD is casting Phase Run!
This was a dumb statement.

When you said, "Intuitive Leap to skill the "Overcharge" node" did you mean Overcharged?

Overcharge: +1 Maximum Power Charge (Near Runebinder)
Overcharged: 8% Chance to get a Frenzy, Power or Endurance Charge on Kill.
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So far I'm enjoying this build, thank you for posting.

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