[3.6] Mjolner - Discharge. MFER. Cheap. Fun. WIP

Hey guys. Thats a fun build. Mjolner discharge with mf gear, Scion Version .

+Viable as league starter.
+Four links enought.
+5k+ hp. Fortify. Lgoh. 4 endurance charges. Kingsgueard outheal.
+Not so expensive.
+All mods viable, includes Ele reflect.

-Pure MF Archers have a better iiq.

About quantity: We have 61% from gear plus 22% from flask, summary 83% iiq.


Т15 gameplay.

Т6 Burial.

PoB and another.



Bandits: 2 points.

Pantheon: Lunaris\Shakari Ralakesh

Ascendany: Full Elementalist and Pathfinder.


Take "of heat" if you need.


Gems and Links

Main attack, need atleast 4l to start, add "Lgoh" and "Accuracy", "inc aoe" as five - six.

Default mjolner link.

Movement, can swap accuracy for "Culling strike" with quality.

Enlighten lvl 2 is enought.

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Looks great!

Gonna try this after work :)

thanks for posting.
Where is skill tree bro ?
I like it.
Would love to see a leveling guide. What to do until you can use Mjölner?
Hey there. Any updates?

I have been leveling with Sunder?

Also, I have placed all the passives on your tree by Scion. I am level 44 and waiting to put the other passives I have saved up in the witch area (is that next?), but it is not open yet. Not exactly sure how that works.

What is the 6 link with discharge?

Greatings there is any lvling advice ? Guide? :P wanna try this build looks good.
Nice guide, do you think you can push this build to the endgame?
one MF version and another set of items for endgame?
Will this build still work in 3.7? What changes would need to be made for the new passive tree?

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