MTX Celestial Righteous Fire doens´t work on VAAL RF


as already written in the subject, my just recently acquired MTX for RF is not working with my VAAL-Gem. Have a look at my Screenshot, thanks

MTX: Celestial Righteous Fire
Tested with characters: Nymphytisia/Farnsley

Non-Vaal RF is working
Other MTX for VAAL-Gems - for example Vaal Grace - are also working with Aura-MTX --> Betrayel Aura, Force Field

Thank you for your time!

Last bumped on Apr 11, 2019, 8:58:08 PM
same exact thing happens to me
Same for me. This needs attention.
I thought I was the only one. Glad that I'm not, but this needs to be fixed.

I believe this may be the intended effect- you'll notice that the visual effect for Vaal Righteous Fire HAS changed with the celestial effect applied, particularly when compared to the standard Vaal Righteous Fire visuals. Comparing to the other MTX available and the base skill effect itself, the area around your character is kept clear, likely for visibility reasons. You still have the solar flare-looking flames and celestial effect along the sides.

I'll pass this feedback along, however.

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