The House On The Mountain Top



This house is a refuge for those who are mining and studying the properties of azurite. The main area is the house, on the upper side there is an access to the mountain where people are venturing out to find some azurite. If we go farther we will find a sulphite area.

The house can be accessed by two ways : The first one for the people who are coming from another area of the mountain, a strong carriage lies there in case the inhabitants want to go this way. The second one is by going down south, to a small place no longer inhabited, but the dock is still used to buy supplies for the house. There is also an old abandoned church but no one has gone there for a long time. But a rumor says that a spirit sometimes roams nearby...
I was too advanced in the questline so my Cavas disappeared to be replaced by Zana, but i placed him with another character :





Hideout Showcase (Favour required indicated is wrong, it should be 13.5m).
Poe House

How to install
1. Download the file on either link.

2. Buy the decorations needed : there is a tab on both sites indicating what you need to buy.

3. Go to the appropriate hideout (in this case Unearthed hideout) and click "import".

If you want to know precisely what you need to buy considering the decorations you already have (from HideoutShowcase):

1) Lets say you like the hideout named "jungle". Download the hideout and import that in the game. After that you'll get a system message from Path of Exile saying: "could not import one or more hideout doodads, hideout template imported successfully". If you don't get that message you probably already own all the decorations.

2) After importing "jungle", hit the export button and save it as a new file and name it for example "jungle_check".

3) Go back to this page and select the "jungle_check" hideout file from your pc. After that click the "Calculate" button.

4) Now you will see an acurate shopping list for the costs and decorations that you still need to buy within the game. Repeat the first 3 steps when you have bought new decorations to update the shopping list.


-Modified the wp orientation to spawn in the right direction.
-Optimized clipping decorations and adjusted some others.
-Added a wooden bucket decoration to put the azurite into it, in the Navali's area.
-Deleted the surplus of snow floor decorations and the bale (it didn't make sense to put it here) to replace it with two large snowy rocks. Also added some small snowy rocks.
-Added some barrels in the carriage.
-Added two smoke decorations in Niko's area and a floor to the control machine, also some sulphite into the previously empty cart.
-Four ghostly fog decorations have been added to the cemetery area (600k extra favour required).
-Added one petal decoration in the Cavas' area and optimized the decorations there.
-Added one barrel in the house.
-Removed one rock near Einhar.
-Added three plants near the dock.

-Reworked some minor elements.
-Deleted the useless ones (not visible).
-Added a small bookcase in the house next to the entrance.

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