[3.6] Noodle's Purifying Flame Inquisitor - (Budget, League Starter, 1.5M+ Shaper DPS, 6.7k EHP)

Update: Updated PoB, I'm going with EB over Arcane Surge for some extra defensive layers; will update guide to reflect end-game thoughts soon. You can craft 10% chance to Arcane Surge on Kill on Weapons, will attempt to fossil craft + master craft a new weapon to reflect that.

Noodle back at it again with a league start/potentially budget build for Synthesis 3.6. Used this as my league starter and absolutely loving the Consecrated Ground shenanigans. Have any questions? Leave them here or come ask me live on Twitch

Purifying Flame is one of the new "holy" skills added in Synthesis 3.6. Purifying flame is a ranged spell that does physical and fire damage, converting 50% of physical damage to fire damage and leaving consecrated ground at the enemy's feet. With the new updates to the Inquisitor ascendancy, we can now have consecrated ground:
- When stationary
- Under us (using flasks)
- Under our enemies (using Purifying flame)
- For 4 seconds after we leave actual AoE of consecrated ground

Why do we care about Consecrated Ground?
For us:
- 6% life regen for us and our allies
- 100% increased critical strike chance
- 15 Mana regen/second
- 20% increased Attack and Cast speed
- 200 Energy Shield regen/second

Against enemies:
- 10% increased damage taken (20% if using bottled faith)

This is a crit spell build that has decent clear and is great for bosses (so far). We have so much regen, leech, and immunity that we can basically facetank most things.

Playstyle Breakdown
When approaching a pack, I place Storm Brand, which is how we generate Power Charges. This also gives us Arcane Surge. I'll use Consecrated Path to leap into the pack, or avoid the pack and proc "attacked recently", then slam them with our Purifying Flame, up close or from range, which will proc Warlord's Mark on Hit and give us Endurance Charges. I also use Flame Dash with Arcane Surge to keep Arcane Surge active (4 seconds) without having to put down another Storm Brand (10 seconds of power charges).

Storm Brand, Consecrated Path, and Purifying Flame on hit, which means Warlord's Mark is almost guaranteed to affect each enemy. We are also always on Consecrated Ground, so our defenses at any given time with MoM (Mind over Matter) are:
2% Life Leech
2% Mana Leech
6% Life Regen/second
15 Mana Regen/second
200 ES Regen/second
Elemental Ailment Immunity

Key Aspects of the Build
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1. Crit Chance & Multi. You can easily achieve 400%+ Crit Multi from the tree and gear.
2. Elemental Pen & Fire Exposure. This is why we do not take the ascendancy node "Inevitable Judgment." With this build you will get enough pen & exposure to take enemy fire resistance below 0. We have 11% ele pen from the tree, and 25% fire exposure from CWDT Wave of Conviction, and also ignites our enemies.
3. Avatar of Fire. Allows us to scale phys, fire, or other damage sources and only worry about 1 element, and no longer worry about phys reflect.
4. Intensify, Carcass Jack, & Bottled Faith. Being able to affect a wider area with our skills and our consecrated ground makes clearing faster and easier.
5. Attack & Spell doing Consecrated Ground. We get all the benefits from the attack/spell Inquisitor node while also doubling down on making everything consecrated ground.

1. Consecrated Ground. As listed before, this gives us an insane amount of regen. It's very easy to keep consecrated ground active under us, and under our enemies, constantly (8 seconds is a long time in game).
2. Warlord's Mark on Hit. Whether as a ring or in your Storm Brand set up, we hit with multiple skills, making leeching easy.
3. MoM Since we regen/leech so much mana and ES, we can double down on these two defensive mechanics to greatly enhance our EHP. On consecrated ground we regen 200 ES/second, which is amazing.
4. Elemental Ailment Immunity. Technically a benefit of consecrated ground but can't be understated; being constantly elemental ailment immune frees up flask rolls for warding and staunching, as well as keeping you safe from boxes to bosses.

Pros and Cons
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+ Good boss killing
+ Great defenses
+ Can level with skill starting at Level 1
+ Can be done on a budget
+ Feel like Oprah with your Consecrated Ground

- Not sonic clear
- Mana hungry (although regen/leech negates this pretty early)
- Can't do elemental Reflect or No Regen maps

Coming Soon

Path of Building
Ideal Gear https://pastebin.com/Xd61vMsu

My Current Character https://pastebin.com/724bqUd5

Leveling Trees

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There are 2 ascendancy paths you could take for this build. I offer both, as they are about equal in damage for my build. However, if you scale more crit multi and don't feel squishy, I'd take Righteous Providence. Either way, for the 1st three points take:
1. Instruments of Virtue
2. Sanctuary ->
3. Pious Path

Crit Multi

Damage & Defenses

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Take Alira for them sweet Crit multi's and mana regen.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon (see gear/ideal gear PoB for now)

The best offensive stats on gear in relative order are:
- Crit Multi
- Spell Damage
- Crit Chance for Spells
- Flat fire damage
- Physical Added as Fire
- Physical Converted to Fire
- Cast Speed
- Elemental Damage%
- Fire Damage%

The best defensive stats on gear are:
- Flat Life
- % increased Max Life
- Flat Mana
- Mana Regen
- Chaos Resistance
- Ele Resistances

Ideal Gear
Coming Soon

My Current Gear
I crafted my 1st weapon with Scorched + Aetheric Fossils. Crafted gloves with Scorched + Pristine Fossils.

Gem Links
Note: If you cannot afford a Warlord's Mark on Hit ring, use alternative Storm Brand set up, at the bottom of gem links list.
Display Text
Purifying Flame - Spell Echo - Increased Critical Strikes - Elemental Focus - Intensify or Concentrated Effect - Added Fire Damage

Cast when Damage Taken - Wave of Conviction - Immortal Call - Combustion

Consecrated Path - Faster Attacks - Fortify

Storm Brand - Increased Critical Strikes - Power Charge on Crit - Arcane Surge

Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge

Herald of Ash


Vaal Haste

Warlord's Mark (on hit Ring)

Alternative: Storm Brand - Curse On Hit - Warlord's Mark - Arcane Surge
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Excellent guide as always! Poggers
Awesome guide!!!
Did you level with purifying flame?
What's the purpose of the storm brand setup?
Only to proc arcane surge?
myprism wrote:
Did you level with purifying flame?

Yep! I leveled with Purifying Flame and a self-cast Wave of Conviction. It was pretty easy leveling/league start!
meke wrote:
What's the purpose of the storm brand setup?
Only to proc arcane surge?

It's more for the power charges, but it can also be used for Curse on Hit - Warlord's Mark until you can afford a warlord's mark on hit ring
fyi using atziri promise while having avatar of fire wont work, since you can only deal fire damage

you can use phys to lightning gem and respec AoF then using atziri promise though
Where are you getting EB (Eldritch Battery)?
vadrieriand wrote:
fyi using atziri promise while having avatar of fire wont work, since you can only deal fire damage

you can use phys to lightning gem and respec AoF then using atziri promise though

You're right! I've switched to Wise Oak and updated (let me know if I missed it somewhere)

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