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Last bumped on May 26, 2020, 2:45:41 AM
Currently playing Necro Skeleton Mage build.

Need clarification on how this support skill works with summoned minions.

It shows the support Icon and the % in the tool tip of my Vaal Skeleton, however does the % leached apply to the ES of the Minion or to the caster?

Doesn't seem to regenerate my (the caster) ES.

How does this work with EB and ES regen? Does my skill need to out drain my ES regen in order to get the while leeching buff?
I'm not sur if this has to do directly with the Energy leech gem or Eldritch Battery or ES leech in general but it seems that my maximum ES recovery per second is only 10% of my ES but it should be 20% like life leech shouldnt it?

Like i said i'm using EB which halves the recovery rate but even if i stop using EB my "Maximum total recovery per second from ES" stat is always 10% of my ES. Recovery rate shouldnt influence max leech rate anyway though.
I must say it is quite underwhelming for a Support.
I wanted to focus on regen ES without using Recharge rate or the likes, but it is way too low to be usefull.
I like the idea, but with all the item related to ES recharge rate and start, ES leech is on the low end. Even regular Life leech build is better in every way/shape or form.

I know ES is very Meta and powerfull right now (which I dislike, I prefered when it was nerfed to a resonnable amount) but there is too little help with ES leech rate, even with all trees and items for it.

Idea: How about chaging Quality to Leech rate instead of more damage while leeching?
Does this gem provide damage bonus while any shield leeching or only while leeching with supported skill?
This seems to be dead but I'll drop my question here, maybe someone who knows better can help.

If I'm Chieftan or Scion leeching damage from totems and I:
-Take Ghost Reaver
-Use the Energy Leech Support gem
-Remove my ES via Blood Rage

if I will be getting the leeching ES damage bonus?
I was expecting more from this support gem. It gives a good damage boost, but I don't see much in the way of replenishing my ES. My build, lightning elementalist using arc as my main attack, I'm taking out hordes of enemies and am not seeing any notable ES recovery.

Quite disappointing, because I really need defenses.
LeadRaven wrote:
Does this gem provide damage bonus while any shield leeching or only while leeching with supported skill?

Hello, i have done some testing and to get the "damage bonus while leeching your gem has to be able to hit with direct damage"(and it is showed in the tooltip that it is applied to the spell). You can't use this to leech with 1 skill to get the bonus of the second one, unless both of the skills are able to hit. So you can't use it to increase RF damage for example.

The other bonus however "damage on full ES" seems to be global for everything, which should not have worked but as far as i tested it increases the damage on everything that is socketed as long as you are on full ES.

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