[3.6] Saboteur Ice Trapper

Hello Exiles!

This is my first build I share with the community and even if my way into the atlas is only at T5 I would like to write this guide, because the build works very well for me and the Ice-Trap-Guides are very rare this times.
So this is my league starter and I never played traps before. I still run on a four link without any problems but also found 1ex, so it's still budget but i got some good items for a fresh league to level on in a decent way.

I wanted to play a trapper and because of the buff I went on Ice Traps:

- Budget (<2ex)
- Solid map clearance and good boss killing
- Some defences
- Fast Act 1-10 without any problems
- High item-variety

- Not the fastest mapper
- Iam not dying by now, but I think range mobs will be a possible pain in the ass above T10

I will update this guide on my way to the shaper.


As an Ice-Trapper we have to deal with two problems: On the one hand Ice Traps has not the best radius and no mechanic like chaining. On the other hand we also don't have many life nodes at the top of the tree. So we need to get as much increased are as possible and a defensive way to lower the taken damage and also some energy shield to support or maximum life.
So all my thoughts are going around three items:

Tinkerskin is the perfect Armour like on many other trapper builds. We get maximum life, frenzy charges and life and energy shield on trigger. Also Phase Run.

To use this way of energy shield regen to our HP, we don't use Eldritch Battery in the final way, only for leveling if needed. And also to use our mana for damage and defense, wo got these gloves:

Area of Effect, Blood Magic for Traps and a change to get endurance charges are a good deal for the downside of the reduced trap throwing speed. We get enough frenzy charges from tinker skin and Master Sapper in the tree to sustain this downside.

Last Item I want to use in the final version will be The Grey Spire, because of the maximum all res and the overall good damage. I think there will be some other way I will discuss later.
Also we get ES on every possible item.

My Gear at Lvl83:



Final Tree on lvl92:


Bandits: Kill all for +2
1) Pyromaniac for mana costs and life regen, maybe I will respec this later for Chain reaction because mana will be no problem. Depends on the feeling with the life regen with Tinkerskin.
2) Born in the shadows for defense
3) Explosive Expert for more area effect and penetration
4) Perfect Crime


Ice Traps - Cluster Traps - Trap and Mine Damage Support - Controlled Destruction

For 6L you can go Elemental Focus (hugh damage, but no freezing of the enemies which is a defensive support), Added Cold Damage, Cold Penetration or Hypothermia for mapping. Feel free to finde your way.

We only use our Mana four our movement skill, so we can go:
Hatred - Herald of Ice - Arctic Armour - Enlighten

Faster Casting - Flame Dash

CWDT - Immortal Call - Frost Bomb

Hugh damage boost if Impresence is affordable:
Blasphemy - Frostbite

Frostbite is the biggest damage boost here, higher than hatred, but in a smaller radius. So Iam thinking about running a second curse like enfeeble or temporal chains instead of hatred with Windscream oder Doedre's Ring.

Other possibilities: Phase Run in CWDT oder Vaal Discipline to start our energy shield regen.


Did all the Acts nearly deathless. Startet with Explosive Trap, Lightning Trap and Ice Trap after getting some area increase.
For now running Taryn's Shiver because of the missing 5L in my Armour and the +2 of the Staff and the faster casting and freeze is helping a lot. Downsides is hard to get 2 green sockets.

In the midgame i got some mana issues because so i took EB and respect it after getting slavedriver.

Following thoughts:
This build gives me a really nice league start. I think it is possible to get it to the shaper, but I will need some time to update my way because I am not playing 24/7. ;)
After running Ice Trap for the first time, i changed my build to this way because of the lack of area effect of the skill, but now it clears nearly every mob in one hit and every bos in 2 sec, but i only gout to T5 like mentioned.

How I will preceed:
- Change to Grey Spire for better defense
- A good single hand weapon can also provide good damge and we can run a shield for more ES instead of max res. Ore maybe the shield with +4% max res?
- Hope to find the right 6L-Setup
- Got enough rare Items for all the resistance, so boots or one ring could be changed in the current setup for +1 curse, more herald-buff of the new unique ring or something else. We will see.
- Ascendancy changes
- Flaks?

Hope to get an update on the way through the atlas in the next week.
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I'm following this build! Im looking forward to see your updates =)
Playing as a lightning trapper for now, I will follow this build, let us see how far you get with it. I was looking to respec towards an ice trap build
Lvl87 now, Tier 7, everything is still smooth and fine. 5L in Tinker nearly same Damage than 4L in Taryn's shiver.

Only one kind of mobs can hurt me: The chaos range attacks in incursions.
I am doing a crit variant and found some info on here that I will consider. For my build I have a Carcass Jack I am trying to 6L. This will allow me to remove some area damage tree nodes. Not sure what to do for the last support gem. I've spent less than 25c so far. 15 of which were on the gloves.


Let me know what you think. I appreciate all criticism.
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