[Delirium SC league] Sirus/Uber Elder (50c) | 150+ kills AWAKENER Sirius

Hello all,

I am offering boss killing services.

My IGN is Deilosx, feel free to message me.

Prices Here :

Sirius - 50c
Uber Elder= 30c
Shaper= 25c
Elder= 30c
Mastermind= 50с

- All drops and loot are yours
- Boss killing procedure consists of you (customer) waiting in hideout while I do all the killing. You join the map near the end of the fight when I say in chat to "come," this way you will receive quest completion and loot drops.
- When you open map / fragment set, it needs to be done on EU or Russian realm.

Contact Methods:

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good service
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1868554 ISC-IHC Chaos Trading vouch thread
fast, safe and friendly! Nice player
nice service!

got a fast T12 elder kill from him.

I have a slow pc and he gave me plenty of time to enter the room without crashing and made sure I got the last memory fragment I needed.

I kept the loot as promised.
ty for fast and clean uberelder kill!

nice service!
Fast kill and clear instructions, great service overall.
a trust worthy trapper :p good loot dropped so I know the guy is trust worthy :)

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