[3.6] Wave of Conviction CI

Hey guys!
Welcome to my starter build for Synthesis. I wanted to try WoC and I just made this build:

It's based on CI so we can take advantage of new ES Leech. I'm running double curse so I may be able to apply Warlord's Mark with the ring and Flammability with my Orb of Storms + CoH.
Pretty straight forward build, working pretty fine on ~T10 so far. Good solo and area damage with the Holy Flame Totem + Combustion for single target resistance lowering. Any suggestions will be welcomed and discussed, feel free to ask or modify it.

6th link would be Arcane Surge.
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You really should use the intensify support with this. Its a much better support than even added fire.
Videos please... Hard to tell anything without seeing the build in action.

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