Deep Delve melee jugg in spell league [3.6, Synthesis]

starting plan.

Rushing to this tree as fast as possible. Fill life if needed.
leveling tree

Leveling links: Molten strike + Ancestral Call + Onslaught + added fire/multi strike/conc effect/ele focus/wed depends on if get AOF or not

Here is my take on molten strike life jugg ranking on With 7K+ life and DPS is on top and within ES version territory.


At kitava


At yellow maps

At high red maps

Uber elder first run &deathless

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same build in 3.7

at kitava

At yellow maps

Completely rebuild it to physical cyclone, the best build ever

Super tanky, super high dps, 2:40 easy uber elder

Here is pob and video of easy uber elder run.
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