[3.6] Herald Of Agony Ascendant - Begginer Friendly - Hardcore viable

Azure41 wrote:
Bax, are u there?)

Just wondering why so few scions playing HoA? A lot of glads and juggs, also a lot of guardians but almost no scions https://poe.ninja/challengehc/builds?class=Ascendant,Guardian&skill=Herald-of-Agony

As i see in the items used in guardian, they are more focusing in their own power / survivability then scion for upgrade the team stats also.

But i may be false ;) Also still playing as scion and it's realy funny and tanky, it's a 100 % support char that can also handle the content solo without being lower than other pure dps spe.

Also it don't need spectre, and for that, i love it :p

Edit : look at this one for exemple, look at gems used. They are powerfull and tanky, but they give nearly nothing to the team :


I think it's better for solo, but lower for team fight

waiting for Bax_CD analysis.


Try crafting an Elder heavy belt base, with the % increased atributes roll it might increase a LOT your ES, mana, etc..

It is good already the way it is, but the elder belt will boost it big time
Thanks for all the posts and the observation guys!!!

sorry for taking long to respond everyone,

There are a bunch of ways the build can work,

Specially with the new possible rolls, for example %es on rings, with -8 mana cost craft so you could cast ball lightning for free

There are a bunch of ways to optimize the build even better than i wrote in this guide few leagues ago (delve league)

I am always avaiable on my stream anytime you catch me online!!

I want to apreciate also the kind words and compliments to the build!!!

Love you all and hope you guys beat everything in the game you guys desire

Bax, i would say that its hard to play as life based from maps till low life gear...its 6k hp but you cannot use any defensive auras :(

you can get up to 7-8k hp with rare itens etc,

Its ok to go without auras only with 4L or 5L HoA and Hatred(with generosity)

You can balance the mana reservation with the nodes near sovereingty

it will get much stronger once get all the low life gear, but until than its not that bad.. and it is super safe, specially for hardcore
Ospen wrote:
Hi, thanks for a nice build, I have some questions tho:

Alredy managed to farm Shavornne's, Gloves, Boots, shield and weapon.

1. Do I need Chayulas amulet to respec for low life, or can I do it now and try to get the amu later?

2. +/- How many regrets is a must have to respec?

Thanks for advice

sorry i missed your post in the middle there,

you can go low life without presence, yea... jsut focus on %es with flat es maybe some Int and resistances on ammy ant will be ok.. you can use brine king pantheon to prevent from stun locks, or flask...

i think its arround 50..60..70 regrets?not sure tbh

I hope you enjoy it,


Works good. Here's my gear setup.

Next step is to 6Link Shavs and get lvl4 Empower

Thanks for a build

Ospen wrote:
Works good. Here's my gear setup.

Next step is to 6Link Shavs and get lvl4 Empower

Thanks for a build

Try to buy a Shaper Heavy belt, and craft it with % ES Recovery Rate, Strength and Flat ES (if possible %ES too) thats the best way to go with belt
Okay, so I am relatively new to the game and I am trying this class out. What confuses me is the auras....

How do you run so many as they all reserve 35-50% of mana. And then, how do you cast spells?

I am level 58 atm and I run out of mana all the time.

Oh and the only thing I run that reserves mana atm is the Herald of Agony.
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i dont seem to be able to find poison support gem. not sold by nessa/clarissa/lily. doesnt drop on quest. any thoughts synthesis/scion

Lily sells it now in Oriath a wee bit late in the build
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Skill tree 70 and skill tree 80+ are same.

Please fix it.
How do you get life to keep casting spells? only life on hit on the ring?

And another question, how can you use the 9 auras and still have life to cast ball lightning? i have like 500hp more than your PoB pastebin shows and i cant use every aura
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