[3.6] SoulRend hiero-sire of shards

Hello! so im attempting to see if i could create a build using sire of shards soulrend and projectiles to create a ..."bullethell" scenario.

the general idea is as many totems as possible without damage falloff. with as many projectiles as possible without said falloff.

to create a soulrend build that will blanket the screen with soulrend proj.
obv things like slower proj, GMP, and even items like dying sun are items to think about.

but my main question here is can someone help me theorycraft a way to make this build a legit way to do end game. id love to take it to things like elder,shaper and uberelder.

thanks in advance

so with sire,gmp, and dying sun we can reach 11 proj.
if we use ascendant we can reach 12 i believe?

with base we get 1 totem. keystone is another. hiero is another for 3. soul mantle is 1 for 4. and multiple totems is 2 for 6.

at 12 proj per totem and 6 totems we get 72 proj+w/e our totems cast speed is.
with slower proj we could get a ton of these on screen at once.

any other helpfull theory crafting information?/tips?
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Keep in mind that though sire of shards look cool, it transforms your projectiles into a nova so you are actually losing a lot of damage while doing that, and this can't be prevented - especially in boss fights, as most bosses are single targets with a ton of hp.
If you really want to use sire of shards for boss fights, you're thinking about a boss that looks like a circle with its center hollowed...
Which is really cool, I hope that GGG does make one like that :)

As for myself, I've just bought a sire of shards for my winter orb build, and was rather disappointed by it. I have to say that the staff is good for quickly spreading curses/poisons/bleeding/ailments/debuffs that are crucial to your bd skill chain, something like that. And it works best when clearing packs.
You are thinking about dashing into packs, dealing a lot of dmg while face-tanking with all your flasks ready to go.

Anyway, good luck on your bd and do update this thread if a new idea comes to you.
Cause I simply love novas :)
Souldrend DOT, which does most of the damage does not stack, so having too many projectiles and totems is a DPS loss

Only way is to shorten the duration of the DOT down as much as possible while increasing it's tick rate

I'm currently build a Sire of Shards trapper and leveling is going smooth, but I also have a 6l lightning spire trap set up. I don't know about using Sire of Shards for end game content but I clear the entire screen no problem on a 5l.
Soulrend is pretty laggy on totems with Rain of Splinters, I can't imagine it with Sire of Shards and GMP.... :)

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