[3.6] ED Trickster ES low life

Hey all, first time posting here, its the first time i'm doing a build by my own, i post it to get more point of view from people who know how to build well this kind of things.

So to explain a bit of my thought, with the recent up of chaos damage over time and the ED spell up i wanted to do an ED, but i wanted this build capable of doing bosses too. i tried to mess a bit with the new trickster node for ED regen and all.

I think i need to get more ES by taking Wand + shield but early league, i think it will be so hard to get a good want that give at least 50% of the damage that Cane of the Unravelling give me.

with the pot setup and the Ghost dance node, i have aproximatively 800ES regen per proc
i also have 340K Dot dps and this doesnt count the damage from de spreading rot i think.. not sure about that.

I run double curses, Despair and temporal chain, i think i could not take dispair coz of the witchfire brew but i want it permanently for bosses fight and i'm waiting to see if the new chaos damage aura is worth it.

The stuff isnt perfect, far from it to be honest but its hard for me to figure it out how to balance things, so i just put basic stats on it to see the ES and i'll see on the league with the time and currency.

I'm kind of lost from now, i know this build wont work as well as i want to and that's why i post it here to have your thought about it, what kind of change you would make to and so on.

Here is the POB link to get see the build

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