[3.6] CwC divine ire + wave of conviction [PoB]

I want to do the new skills in 3.6. Also CwC is fun. This is a lightning/phys heavy build with more focus on lightning than phys.

The idea is to stack lightning, get an inpulsa + some +% ele dmg weapons and try not to get hit. Im probably starting with dagger + spirit shield, then transfering to maces with ele pen ele dmg when i can get to yellow maps.

As im trying this for a starter i will not go deep on gear, ill try and pick up what i can and keep it flexible till i can craft/loot some nice stuff.

For early levels, just pick up stuff you can use, when you have some chaos orbs get a Carcas jack, loreweave or similar, Hrimsrow, divinarius, hearbreaker?

Im more focused on the skills than the items atm since im planning to start the league with this.

Here we have a progress perort: Current gear (i have been unlucky with drops/curency, so im running a 4L atm, but stuuff still melt, so im fine, but frustrated)

Note that gems are beeing leveled for various reasons. Also 4L sucks. It took me 300 god darned juvelers just to get 6 sockets...

General gem setup will be:
5/6L chest:
Divine ire, CwC, wave of conviction,Physical to Lightning Support, Added Lightning Damage Support,Lightning Penetration Support. For 5L i suggest leaving Lightning Penetration out of there.

Get golems of your taste, lightning and ice?
3L weapon/spirit shield
1: Immortal Call, increased duration, CwDT. Keep levels low on IC & CwDT.
2: movement i like to leapslam, attack/castspeed, fortify.

Warlords mark, curse on hit support, Herald of thunder, Wrath.

Atziri's promise, Dying sun, Vessel of vinktar, quicksilver.

This is not going to be a tanky build. What i have seen from the new synthesis "build a map and be fast" clearspeed will be superimportant, so i guess ill try this out till i have a bosskiller, unless this shows to be a bosskiller.
I just want to have alot of spells flying around in front of me.

https://pastebin.com/wLw64DMm (added more levels)

New PoB https://pastebin.com/w4vD90Zt
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will try this one!
Let me know if it works out for you, im trying a similar setup on the templar now in standard, CwC is propper fun and im getting ok results with shitty gear and low lvl gems at lvl 80.

Also, for juvels, i think stacking flat lightning and hp on abyssals and have 1 or 2 slots with %hp and %ele/lightning dmg.
I am going for similar build and was thinking about going with disintegrator and stacking some elder/shaper gear and that new shaper drop armour to gain tons of chaos damage on top of my ele damage.

Going to see how it plays out during the first week, cause I have a feeling disintegrator will cost a ton first days.

Oh and will probably integrate some EB energy leech gem shenanigans into my build cus that gem seems wicked strong and being able to reserve 100% my mana is too sweet opportunity to pass it up.
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Let me know if and how you get your dmg going, ill post a PoB with the gear i can scrape up as soon as i have something to show. I tried the "BiS" in PoB w/o gems and its not that hard to get 6khp and maxed resists.
Could you by any chance post the skill tree this seems interesting af for me
PoB link is in there.

Here is a updated one:


Rare gear is kinda op but not unobtainable, weapon slots are to be upgraded.

Feel free to swap tombfist with hrimsrow gloves.

Cant add the gems since they are not in PoB now.
Thank you sorry it got spammed dont know why
And im new to scion how did u get to the witch tree with out connection the nods?
When you complete the lords labyrinth you get an accendancy, then you can start at any other startpoint.

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