[3.6] Self-cast CI Storm Call Trickster

Looks very good; id been looking for something self cast with the new trickster class. Any estimates of shaper dps yet?
How do you generate charges against single target?
Last edited by JangXang on Mar 7, 2019, 5:08:40 PM
JangXang wrote:
How do you generate charges against single target?

Channeling skill every 8s or so from Swift Killer. You could use wither, or lightning tendrils, storm burst, etc (or charged dash if you're using a dagger for example).

If you don't want to use Swift Killer, you can spec into Harness of the Void and use Orb of Storms-PCoC for power charges - but you won't generate any frenzy charges with the build then (this is perfectly fine).
nice build. Any chance you will update it ?
+1 for the update. I've been using this as my league starter and really enjoying it. thanks man!
Using this build because i really love Storm call.
lvl 50ish now and leveling relaxed but i feel like a lack of single target dmg. im trying eith Vaal storm call but it remains a bit hard to front hte bosses. any hint?

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