[3.7] Uly's Purifying Flame Inquisitor - a beginner guide for all content [6k+ Life, 3 million DPS]

Welcome to the Purifying Flame Inquisitor Guide!

I always wanted to make a first-time-player friendly guide which explained levelling, mechanics and other stuff that newbies don't usually know that may make the PoE experience better for them :)

Patch 3.6 gave us a lot of divine skills to play and experiment with. This build features one of them, Purifying Flame which we will use to shred through maps.

This build has been last updated before patch 3.7

This guide was heavily inspired by Enki's Arc Witch build! Check it out here

If you dont understand any of the terminology used in this guide, click here!

This guide has been updated for the 3.7 Legion Patch!

Gear 15/04/19

Character Name: Uly_ForgotMyName

Passive Tree

Final version of my character at the end of Synthesis: https://pastebin.com/rj49srdr




This section features videos of various difficult boss encounters.
All of the bosses (if possible) are red tier.

Red Elder
The Shaper
Guardian of the Chimera
Ulaman, Sovereign of the Well
Eater of Souls (50% More Life)
Guardian of the Minotaur
The Pale Court

Note that during the fight I accidentally pressed regular RF instead of the Vaal version, making the fight way harder than it already was with mods that already affected the boss.
Guardian of the Phoenix

Placeholders until filled:

Chayula, Who Dreamt
Atziri, Queen of the Vaal
Vaal Temple
Catarina, Master of Undeath
The Cortex
Uber Elder



Purifying Flame

Purifying Flame is a skill purchasable as early as level two. Casting it sends a wave that explodes upon hitting an enemy and deals damage to everyone around them, while also consecrating the ground. If the enemy stands on consecrated ground from any source, Purifying Flame will also shoot out a shockwave that amplifies the damage.

Pros & Cons
+Multiple sources of life recovery
+High Damage output
+Immunity to elemental ailments
+Ranged and AoE

-Cannot facetank stuff
-Cannot do elemental reflect maps
-Needs some amount of investment for toughest bosses
-Has problems with mana sustain before the first labyrinth

Mechanics Used
· Consecrated ground: Grants life regeneration to players and minions standing on it while making enemies more likely to get critically stroke. This build uses items and nodes that make this effect provide other various buffs.
· Avatar of Fire: Purifying Flame's damage isn't only fire by default. The skill deals physical damage as its base, 50% of which is converted to fire. As an inquisitor, we mostly want to deal elemental damage, so we need to convert the remaining 50%. Avatar of Fire, a keystone on the tree, helps us with that by converting half of your cold, lightning and physical damage to fire, but makes us unable to deal any damage that isn't fire. Note that it also makes us unable to deal chaos damage, as it cannot be converted.
· Spiritual Aid: A node on the tree that makes increases to Minion Damage apply to any damage dealt by the player.
· Ignite: A damaging debuff applied by fire damage, applied by us frequently because critical strikes have an innate 100% chance to ignite.

Useful Links and Path of Building

Path of Building: A powerful tool for planning/sharing builds. To have all info from this build compressed into one simple character sheet, use this link in the 'import' section: https://pastebin.com/85ULfaBH
Get Path of Building here!

Socket Colour Calculator: Socket colours in PoE depend on the attribute requirements an item possesses. Strength items usually roll red sockets, while Dexterity+Intelligence items are more likely to roll blues and greens. This tool helps you with finding out the best method to colour your items.
Vorici Chrome Calculator

Engineering Eternity: In my opinion the best Path of Exile guide-oriented channel on youtube. Watching his videos will help you with understanding the basic mechanics of this game.
Beginner's Guide Series


Playstyle and Levelling


Levelling is a key part of your first Path of Exile experience. It's an engaging story that gradually teaches you new mechanics and gives you more tools to play with. I will try to explain what are the goals in each of the ten acts of the playthrough.

This guide is heavily inspired by Enki's levelling guide.


Knowing what gear to choose to while levelling is really important.

· Unique helmet Goldrim, which grants a high +%to Elemental Resistances bonus.
· Wanderlusts have the best price-quality ratio between unique levelling boots. Cannot be Frozen and high movement speed make them outclassed only by a rare, expensive option which is Seven-League Steps.
· For the glove slot, our earliest pick will be Lochtonial Caress, as it is a great early buff to cast speed. After level 12, I advise equipping Doedre's Tenureas they are a huge boost to spell damage early on.
· Lifesprig is mainly an early-level weapon. Grants us some neat stats and life regeneration when casting.
· Axiom Perpetuum is a very solid choice for levelling. It can easily bring you to level 40 or so. Added elemental damage to spells is neat, but high increase to critical strike chance is what makes this weapon shine early
· The Princess is yet another great choice for early levels as it provides us with a lot of extra cold damage, which sadly stops being as useful when we get Avatar of Fire on our tree.
· Tabula Rasa is the best levelling Body Armour in the game, despite being severely underrated by newer players because it has no stats. It always comes as a 6-link filled with white sockets, allowing you to put any gems inside.
· The flask setup I like most for levelling is 2 Life Flasks, 2 Quicksilver Flasks and one Mana flask

General Tips
- Life is quite important in Path of Exile! A great rule of thumb is to have 300 more life at the end of each act.

- Elemental resistances are crucial to your survival. Try to keep them as high as possible (while still remembering that the maximum base amount is 75%) without too much investment. Acts are quite forgiving if your resistances are a bit lower than that maximum.

- You don't need to do every quest you get.

- If vendors give you a choice of one gem for a reward, remember that you can buy them from them later.

- Use levelling uniques if you have enough funds, I mention the best levelling items in the Equipment section.

- Upgrade your Flasks whenever you get higher level ones.

Act 1
- Buy the Arcane Surge gem after killing Hillock, as we are going to use it even in the endgame.
- Get Purifying Flame and link it with Arcane Surge.
- Buy Onslaught support gem from Nessa
- Check vendors for any B=B=G items. If they have one, buy it and put your Onslaught support gem. If they don't - fret not, just keep an eye on items dropping
- It's also advised to see if vendors sell any movement speed boots
- Get to the Coast waypoint and head to the Tidal Island
- After completing the quest Mercy Mission and choose the Quicksilver flask as your reward
- Head for the Submerged Passage and complete the optional quest Dweller of the Deep
- Get to the Prison, after entering it use a Portal Scroll and claim Added Fire damage. Link it to your main Purifying Flame links after you get a 4-linked item (you may buy an Orb of Binding from other players to create one)
- Complete Trial of Ascendancy in Lower Prison
- After killing the boss, head to the Ship Graveyard and complete the Marooned Mariner quest
- Grab Flame Dash as your reward and use it as your movement skill
- Craft a +1 to level of Socketed Fire Gems weapon by selling a MAGIC sceptre/wand alongside an Orb of Alteration and a Ruby Ring. Place your main link setup here
- Ruby rings can be dropped or crafted by vendoring an Iron Ring along with a Red gem
- Buy Combustion gem and keep it for later
- Pick up any sapphire rings you drop until you have two of them and equip them before you enter Merveil's Cavern

· Tree for Act 1

Act 2
- Upon entering the Forest Encampment, head to the Old Fields
- Go to the top-right corner of the area and search for the Crossways entrance
- Upon activating the waystone, head to the top-left and enter the Chamber of Sins
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy here
- Complete the Intruders in Black quest and claim Herald of Ash as your reward
- Buy the Herald of Purity from Yeena and use it alongside Ash
- Come back to the Crossroads, head to the Broken Bridge and kill Kraityn here
- Once again come back to the Crossroads, now aim for the Fellshrine Ruins
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy in the Crypt
- Go to the Riverways and help Einhar here
- Kill the bandit Oak in the Old Fields and remember to activate the waypoint here, it's really essential!
- Your next goal is reaching the Western Forest. Kill the last bandit lord Alira here
- Open up the passage on the left bottom
- Find the Weaver's Chambers and complete the Sharp and Cruel quest
- Teleport back to the city, talk to Eramir to obtain the Apex and 2 Passive skill points. Come back to the Lioneye's Watch and talk to Bestel
- Talk to Silk and take Controlled Destruction as your reward. Link Arcane Surge with Flame Dash, and use Purifying Flame with Combustion, Controlled Destruction and Added Fire Damage. If you feel too slow, replace Controlled Destruction with Onslaught support gem
- Make your way to the Vaal Pyramid by removing the blockage near the waypoint in the Wetlands
- Kill the boss and make your way to Act 3

· Tree for Act 2

Act 3
- Kill the Blackguards in City of Sarn and remember to talk to Clarissa
- Claim Zealotry as your reward but don't use it yet! Use it AFTER you've completed the first labyrinth.
- Go to the Slums, find Crematorium
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy and the quest (both are in the Crematorium Zone)
- Go back to the Slums and open up the Sewers. Complete the Victario's Secrets quest here
- Go to the Marketplace, find the waypoint and complete the Trial of Ascendancy in the Catacombs
- Head to the Battlefronts and find the Ribbon Spool (it's in the bottom-left)
- Find the waypoint then go to the Docks
- Find Thaumetic Sulphite, then come back to the Battlefront and go for the Solaris Temple
- Talk to Dialla and open up the Undying Blockade in the Sewers
- Complete Sever the Right Hand and head to the Lunaris Temple
- Complete 'Piety's Pets' and obtain the key
- Go to the Imperial Gardens, complete the Trial of Ascendancy and open up the entrance to the Sceptre of God
- Finish the Act

· Tree for Act 3

Act 4
- After reaching Highgate head to the Dried Lake
- Kill Voll and open up the gate in Highgate
- Find Deshret's Spirit in Mines level 2
- Reach Crystal Veins and use the waypoint here to go back to town
- Talk to Tasuni and grab the Summon Stone Golem
- Enter Kaom's Dream and complete this area
- Enter Daresso's Dream and complete this area
- Grab Spell Echo as the reward. Remove Onslaught from your links and replace it with Spell Echo
- You can try buying
- Now you can craft a rare sceptre/wand/dagger. Seek increased spell damage, increased fire damage or added # to # damage to spells. Remember that you can craft one modifier on a weapon using the Crafting Bench.
- Go to Crystal Veins, complete Belly of the Beast and head to the Harvest.
- Kill the three guardians here and open the black core
- Don't enter the boss fight yet. Backtrack to Sarn and open up the Aspirant's Plaza
- Complete the Labyrinth, use Poelab.com to see the daily layout
- After you've done that, replace Herald of Purity with Zealotry
- Choose Inquisitor as your ascendancy and follow steps in the 'Tree' section
- Come back to the Black Core and finish the boss

· Tree for Act 4

Act 5
- Head to the Ascent, the entrance to that is to the right when looking at Oyun in Highgate
- Use the teleportation device found at the end of this area
- Kill Overseer Krow
- After getting to the Overseer's Tower, go to the next zone.
- Kill Justicar Casticus and find the Miasmeter
- Make your way to the Templar Courts and kill the head of the inquisition, Avarius
- Talk to Bannon and find the waypoint in the Ruined Square
- Go to the Reliquary and find all the Kitava's Torments here to complete the quest
- Find the Sign of Purity in the Ossuary
- Kill the last boss of part I

· Tree for Act 5

Act 6
- IMPORTANT! Clear the Twilight Strand and talk to Lilly. Now she will sell you nearly every gem in the game. Buy all the gems needed like Intensify support, which is really significant :)
- Link Intensify to your main links if you have a 5-linked body armour.
- Remember to upgrade your weapons when needed
- Get to Mud Flats and kill the Dishonoured Queen
- Open the gate to the Karui Fortress and kill your first god, Tukohama
- Head to the Prison
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy here and kill the boss
- In the Prisoner's Gate, kill Abberath
- Get to the Riverways and use the waypoint
- Head to the Wetlands and kill Ryslatha
- Go to the Beacon and light it
- Sail to the Brine King's Reef and kill him

· Tree for Act 6

Act 7
- Go to the Crossroads and head to the Fellshrine Ruins and then the Crypt
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy
- Find Maligaro's Map and head to the Chamber of Sins
- Enter Maligaro's Sanctum and complete it
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy and go to the Den
- Kill Greust in the Ashen Fields
- Get to the Northern Forest waypoint and go to the Dread Thicket (It's always near the left of the area)
- Gather all the Fireflies and kill Gruthkul
- Find Kishara's Star in the Causeway
- Go to the Vaal City and open up the way to the Temple of Decay
- It's a long zone so use portal scrolls as a back up in case you die (you can choose 'resurrect in town' and then use the portal you've placed before your death)
- Kill the final boss of this act

· Tree for Act 7

Act 8
- Teleport to the Aspirant's Plaza and complete Cruel Lab
- Come back to Sarn and go to the Toxic Conduits
- After defeating Doedre, go to the Quay and find Ankh here.
- Complete Clarissa's Questline by killing Tolman
- Go to the Grain Gate, kill the Gemling Legion and head towards the Solaris Temple to get the Sun Orb
- Now come back to Doedre's Cesspool and go the other way and reach the Grand Promenade
- In the Bath Houses, find the entrance to the High Gardens (It's another long zone, use the same trick as in Temple of Decay and make sure you have your CWDT + Immortal Call setup ready)
- Come back to Bath Houses and head to the Lunaris Temple via Lunaris Concourse
- Use this link to get some proper weapons: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/yvGpvlsR
- Now go right-bottom from the Lunaris Concourse waypoint to reach the Harbour Bridge
- Go to the middle of it and activate the plaque, which will lead you to the final boss fight of this act

· Tree for Act 8

Act 9
- Complete the cold-themed zone and go to the Vastiri Desert
- Find the Storm Blade in a storm-weathered chest
- Search for a blocked entrance in this zone
- Teleport back to town, talk to Petarus&Vanja, then Sin, and again to Petarus&Vanja
- Come back to the blocked entrance, and it will automatically open
- Kill Shakari
- Get to the Foothills waypoint, go to the Boiling Lake and kill the Basilisk
- Go north-east from the Foothills waypoint and enter the tunnel
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy
- Go to Quarry, reach the waypoint
- Find the arena and kill Garukhan
- Head to the Refinery and get the Trarthan Powder
- Open up the entrance to the rotting beast near the Quarry waypoint and complete this area

· Tree for Act 9

Act 10
- Kill Plaguewing and talk to Bannon
- From the rooftop, head to the Ravaged Square and find the waypoint
- Go east, find the Control Blocks and get your revenge on Vilenta
- Enter Ossuary (right next to the waypoint)
- Complete the Trial of Ascendancy
- Get to the Torched Courts
- Kill the resurrected Avarius
- Before heading for the final fight of the story mode, complete the Merciless Lab
- Now go and finish the main villain!
- You have officially reached the endgame. If you want to know the basics of the Map system, watch Engineering Eternity's video on the atlas (channel linked in the 'Useful Programs' section at the bottom)
· Tree for Act 10

Exping Zones
This section has been made thanks to Enki!

Whenever you feel too weak for the zone you are supposed to clear next,
level up in these:

Act 1 - The Ledge
Act 2 - The Northern Forest
Act 3 - The Docks
Act 4 - The Dried Lake
Act 5 - The Chamber of Innocence or The Ossuary
Act 6 - The Southern Forest
Act 7 - The Northern Forest
Act 8 - The Harbour Bridge
Act 9 - The Blood Aqueducts
Act 10 - The Desecrated Chambers or The Reliquary

This build certainly isn't made for up close melee combat. Try to distance yourself from the enemies and decimate them with your huge Area of Effect that this build has. Waves from the second cast of Purifying Flame should easily finish up any foes that weren't killed by the first cast, making clear speed rather solid. Occasionally throw Wave of Conviction on tougher rares or if you have any problems with clearing a pack.

The most important defence in PoE is movement. A common mistake new players make is standing in one place and just holding down the cast button. That way, you are letting enemies easily snipe you with their ranged spells and attacks or telegraphed AoE attacks. You should always be on the move after one or two button presses, that's some honest advice I'd give to any first-timer.

Map mods
The only Map Mod you should avoid at all costs is Elemental Reflect. This build isn't suited to deal with this kind of maps, so it's better to just reroll them.
Tougher Mods which may make higher tiers more difficult are

- Less Recovery Rate of Life, Mana and Energy Shield
- Players cannot Leech Life and Mana
- Players are cursed by Temporal Chains (this mod can be avoided by using a flask with 'of Warding' mod on it)
- Players cannot Regenerate Life and Mana


Class, Tree, Pantheon

Passive Points

· Tree for level 70
· Tree for level 80
· Tree for level 90
· Tree for level 100

The main version of the build

MoM/EB version of the build (inspired by TheFoffo) https://pastebin.com/jMK2znP5

Import these links to Path of Building.

Remember that you should take Avatar of Fire keystone around level 30-35!


The Ascendancy (subclass) used in this build is Inquisitor.

· Sanctify (Normal): Grants us additional buffs for being on consecrated ground and leads to Pious Path, must take!

· Pious Path (Cruel): A powerful node providing high amounts of cast speed, mana regeneration and complete immunity to ignite, shock, chill, freeze.

· Augury of Penitence (Merciless): Big damage upgrade and a little bit of defence.

· Righteous Providence (Eternal): Buffs our critical strike damage against enemies we ignite, and if the enemy isn't ignited - grants us a higher chance to crit.


· Soul of the Brine King: Prevents stun chains on us.
· Soul of Shakari: Makes us take less damage from caustic clouds. The upgraded version also turns us poison immune.

MoM/EB and Super Endgame

This is the link for the tanky MoM/EB version of this build with around 9k eHP pool. This will be much more proper for Hardcore players!


Here's the long-anticipated top-end DPS version of this build.



Helmet, Gloves, Boots

Once you hit level 73, you should transition to a rare Bone Helmet. Note that increased Armour, Energy Shield or Evasion are mostly useless to us.

Mods you should look for on rare helmets are:
- +90 to Maximum Life
- Nearby enemies have -9% to Fire Resistance (it's a fossil-exclusive mod!)
- +% to Elemental resistances if possible

Remember that the bonus from Bone Helmet scales our DPS because of the node on the tree called Spiritual Aid, which makes Increases to Minion damage apply to us.

Fossil-exclusive mods are available only via crafting an item using Fossils found in the Azurite Mine. This particular mod used in this build comes from a Scorched Fossil.


For endgame, you want rare boots. A great base worthy of a look at is Two-Toned Boots, which have higher resists than any other boots. This item slot should require Strength (of course you can use a base with hybrid Str/Int or Str/Dex requirements).

Mods you should look for on rare boots are:
- 25% or higher increased Movement speed
- +70 or higher to Maximum Life
- +35% to one elemental resistance
- +35% to another elemental resistance

A cool thing boots have going on for them are the Enchants. Basically, at the end of the Labyrinth (cruel and above) you get to enchant the boots, adding a property to them. The ones you can look for (be wary! enchants are rather pricy on a good pair of boots, definitely an endgame upgrade).

- 16% increased Attack and Cast Speed if you've Killed Recently
- Damage Penetrates 10% of Enemy Elemental Resistances if you haven't Killed Recently

In the endgame, rare gloves are our choice. A perfect base for that is the Fingerless Silk Gloves, as we should search for gloves which require Intelligence.

Mods you should look for are:
- +70 or higher to Maximum Life
- +35% to one elemental resistance
- +35% to another elemental resistance
and if possible, try to look for
- +% increased Cast Speed (exclusive to Shaper items)

Body Armour

This is the slot we put our gems in. It is arguably one of the most important item classes for us.

· Rare 6-link is the cheap endgame option. You can easily buy a 6-linked base (make sure it requires Strenght and Intelligence, because that is going to make colouring the sockets easier) and craft it with Essences of Greed or Pristine Fossils to get high +# to Maximum Life.

· Carcass Jack grants high %increased Area of Effect, enhancing our coverage with Purifying Flame. On top of that, it has some increases to our damage, maximum life and elemental resistance, making it a reasonable pick.

· Loreweave is also a viable choice. When buying one, remember that you want 'Your maximum resistances are #%' at the maximum (78). Other mods that matter on this item are +# to Maximum Life, #% Increased Elemental Damage and #% Increased Critical Strike chance.


This build dual wields weapons instead of using a shield or a two-hander. The desired weapon type to use is Sceptres, but you can use any type of melee weapon really, as long as it's one-handed and has proper stats. If you want to find good early game weapon use this link: https://www.pathofexile.com/trade/search/Synthesis/yvGpvlsR

· Cerberus Limb is a cheap option that provides around 120% Increased Damage and 15-20% Cast Speed. Usually unavailable at the start of the league due to how its obtained.

· Doryani's Catalyst a more expensive option comparable to Cerberus Limb, provides us some extra Elemental damage leeched as life. It's mandatory for endgame with this build as it provides us with a source of life leech. Alternatively, we can use Doryani's Invitation unique belt.

· Rare Sceptre - the best and most expensive choice for this build, heavily outclasses other options. I explain the steps of the crafting process of weapons like that in the last spoiler in this category.



Rings are a great source of elemental resistances and other cool effects, but we are mostly going to use uniques here.

· Gifts from Above is a ring centered around Consecrated Ground, which we constantly create because of our main skill. With this ring, it also grants us some increased damage. The rarity of items found is just the icing on the cake.

· Rare Ring will be our baseline choice to fill our resistances or increase our life. Mods you should look for are:

- +60 or higher to Maximum Life
- +30% to one Elemental Resistance
- +30% to another Elemental Resistance

· Shaped Rare Ring will be our top-end option. The crucial mod which we should look for is Curse enemies with level # Assassin Mark on hit which is exclusive to Shaper rings (drop exclusive to Elder-influenced maps, which are high-level content)

Other mods you should look for are:
- +60 or higher to Maximum Life
- +30% to one Elemental Resistance


Belts are a great source of maximum life, so we care about two bases only: Leather and Stygian, the latter being an endgame upgrade.

· Doryani's Invitation - if you cannot yet afford Doryani's Catalyst unique sceptre, this belt will be a great substite for this slot as it provides us with Fire damage leeched as life. This belt has four variants, but we are interested only in the Fire variant.

Mods to seek if you are in the process of buying a Rare belt:

- +90 to Maximum Life (130 if Leather Belt)
- +35% to one Elemental Resistance
- +35% to another Elemental Resistance
- +35% to yet another elemental resistance if possible [/i]
- 20-30% Increased Fire Damage (fossil-exclusive)
- 20-30% Increased Elemental Damage (fossil-exclusive)
- 10-20% Increased Recovery of Life

Note that the last mod is obtainable only on ELDER belts which drop in elder-influenced maps (high-level zones). Stygian Vises cannot be elder.


Amulets are the slot which fixes our lacking attributes (if we need any) and gives us even more life.

Look for these mods:
- +70 or higher to Maximum Life
- +to Attributes/Dexterity/Intelligence/Strength if necessary
- +25% or higher to Global Critical Strike Multiplier

Betrayal content allows us to transform an amulet to a talisman. Talismans are a type of necklace that is inherently corrupted, but provides us some very useful implicits. They are definitely a thing to consider when looking for endgame upgrades.


Flasks in Path of Exile are different from other games. Not all of them are made for regaining life and mana - a lot of them are more offensively oriented. This build's setup looks like this:

· Life Flask of Staunching - eternal flasks are the highest level version of life flasks. They provide high life recovery, and can also serve as a bleed removal paired with bleed immunity for a brief period via Staunching mod.

· Wise Oak is one of the most used flasks in all of PoE. It makes the element of which your UNCAPPED resistance is the highest (it's the number written in brackets on the right of your proper resists in the character sheet) penetrate some of the enemy's resistance, giving you a lot more damage. Can be replaced with a basalt flask until you have money for it.

· Cinderswallow Urn grants Onslaught, a buff which gives us 20% Increased cast and movement speed and makes enemies ignited by us take more damage, making it a must-have. Can be replaced with a plain Silver Flask.

· Diamond Flask makes our Critical Strike Chance lucky, which is further explained in the wikia article here

· Experimenter's Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline provides a high movement speed buff beneficial for both clear and dodging bosses' various skills.


Jewels are items socketable in Jewel Sockets found on the passive tree. There are two types of them: Regular jewels and Abyssal jewels. We are much more interested in the second ones.

Mods you should be looking for on these:
- Adds # to # physical damage to spells while dual wielding
- +35 or higher to Maximum Life
- Adds # to # physical damage to spells
- +#% to Global Critical Strike Multiplier
- Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage if you've dealt a Critical Strike Recently
- Damage Penetrates #% Elemental Resistance if you haven't Killed Recently

There is also one particular unique jewel we are interested in called Watcher's Eye. These come in many different variants linked to all the auras - Zealotry being the one we use.

Mods you should be looking for on these:
- Consecrated Ground you create while affected by Zealotry causes enemies to take (8-10)% increased Damage
- Critical Strikes Penetrate (8-10)% of Enemy Elemental Resistances while affected by Zealotry
- (100-120)% increased Critical Strike Chance against Enemies on Consecrated Ground while affected by Zealotry

Crafting Weapons

Crafting weapons for this build may look quite expensive, but it's still far cheaper than it was in the previous patches. Follow these steps to get the best weapon for this build!

WARNING! Funds needed for creating a weapon like that are approximately 3ex per weapon!

1. Buy a Shaped Sambar Sceptre with item level 80.

2. Use Orbs of Alteration on it until you get ONLY Gain (18–20)% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage on the weapon.

3. Use a Regal Orb to turn the item into a rare.

4a. If one of the mods listed below appeared, go to step 5

Mods you want from regaling
Gain #% of Physical Damage as Extra Lightning Damage,
50%+ Increased Spell Damage
10%+ Increased Cast speed
50%+ Increased Fire Damage
60%+ Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells
Adds 30+ to 60+ Fire Damage to Spells

4b. If the mods that aren't on that list appeared, use an Orb of Annulment on the item. If the unwanted mod disappeared, go to step 5. If the Gain #% of Physical Damage mod disappeared, use an Orb of Scouring on the item and go back to step 2.

5. Ask a trusted player to craft Can have multiple crafted modifiers on it.

6. Craft Increased Spell Damage, Increased Cast Speed, Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells, Adds # to # Fire Damage to Spells and Adds # to # Lightning Damage to Spells on the weapon.

7. Good job! You have now crafted your dream weapon!

Sidenote: You can get crafting recipe for 'Can have multiple crafted modifiers' in the Pale Court


Gem Setup

NOTE: If any of the skill gems aren't linked, it's because they weren't added to the game yet. I am going to update this section as soon as I have access to them.



Purifying Flame = Spell Echo = Combustion = Added Fire Damage = Intensify = Controlled Destruction

These gems are listed based on their importance.
Body armour is our only piece of gear capable of being a 6-link. Therefore, we put our Purifying Flame in here. Intensify makes us have higher AoE, which will change into higher damage the more we cast standing in one place. Certainly good for bosses!

Socket links in this slot should be B=B=B=R=B=B
Note that order of these doesn’t matter.


Vaal Righteous Fire = Increased Duration /// Herald of Ash = Zealotry

We need a slot to place our auras in, and the helmet is perfect for this purpose. We will fill it in with gems shown above. They will reserve our mana to provide us with strong offensive buffs. We also place our ‘Vaal Righteous Fire’ gem here. Upon killing a certain amount of enemies and filling up the gem with their souls, we will be able to use this skill, which sacrifices a chunk of our life to give us a huge damage buff for a certain time.

Note that Herald of Ash and Zealotry SHOULDN’T be linked with other gems in our helmet, as Increased Duration will increase our auras' mana reservation with no real benefit whatsoever. The gem links on the item should look like that: B=R B=R, not like that R=B=B=R.


Cast When Damage Taken = Immortal Call = Summon Stone Golem = Increased Duration

Like nearly every build, we need a CWDT setup. Cast when Damage Taken automatically casts our spells if we lose a certain amount of life, defending us from flurries of consecutive, high damage hits when used with Immortal Call. It also auto casts our golem now and then, making us regenerate more life (Summon Stone Golem provides that when the Golem is alive).

An important thing to note is that CWDT, Immortal Caal and Stone Golem shouldn’t be levelled beyond certain levels. Summon Stone Golem - 7 level, Immortal Call - 7 level, CWDT - 5 level.
Links should be R=R=R=R.


Flame Dash = Faster Casting = Wave of Conviction = Increased Duration

This is the slot with yet another damage buffing skill. Wave of Conviction makes enemies more vulnerable to fire damage after being hit. There is also a movement skill setup. Flame Dash is a skill that is based on a charge system (maximum 3 charges). Both of these skills are linked to Faster Casting and Increased Duration. Gem sockets should be: B=B=B=R.

Weapon 1


Armageddon Brand = Increased Critical Strikes = Power Charge on Critical Strike

We drop Armageddon Brand on bosses to gain Power Charges, which give us increased critical strike chance. 'Brand' is a type of spell that persists on an enemy for a duration, 'casting itself' repeatedly. Without Runebinder, a keystone on the passive tree, enemies can only have one brand attached to them. Gem links should be B=B=B.

Weapon 2


Cast when Damage Taken = Cold Snap = Bonechill

This setup will automatically lower enemies' action speed (both attack times and movement speed), which makes it a great defensive option.

Remember to keep both CWDT and Cold Snap around level 5. Bonechill can be levelled to 20. Gem links should be R=B=B

Weapon Swap

Purifying Flame = Purifying Flame = Purifying Flame = Purifying Flame = Purifying Flame = Purifying Flame

Weapon links aren’t really used in this build. Feel free to use them in the method mentioned in the 'Empty Sockets' spoiler.



Gems in Path of Exile benefit from a stat called quality. Quality adds different bonuses, which vary from gem to gem. That's why it is important to check the wikia before 'qualing' a gem up. Usually, you would use Gemcutter's Prisms to do that, but that is way too expensive to ever be worth it. Alternatively, after levelling your gems to level 20, you can vendor one along with Gemcutter's Prism to change it into a level 1 gem with 20% quality, which is excellent.

Gems you should use this method on are:
- Increased Duration, Combustion, Spell Echo, Concentrated Effect, Added Fire Damage, Controlled Destruction, Herald of Ash, Flame Dash, Faster Casting.

Empty sockets

Any empty socket can become a great source of income.

1. Choose a spell gem which is quite popular or used in your build.
2. After it hits level 20, prepare a vaal orb.
3. Corrupt the gems for a chance to get a level 21 Spell Gem.
4. Sell it on the market or use it.

Note that higher gem level is a significant damage upgrade for Active Skills. Support Gems usually don't benefit that much from higher gem levels (there are exceptions like Empower/Enlighten/Enhance or certain Added Damage gems.

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just a heads up that the video links open google page and not the video's.
There is no videos linked to this guide yet because the skill is yet to be implemented in the next league so there is no gameplay of it yet.
I think Intensify will work better with Purifying Flame than Concentrated Effect.

The first cast will be at full AoE, then subsequent casts will be smaller AoE but more damage.

For PF, that means the first cast will put down a full sized Consecrated Ground. Subsequent casts will deal more damage, but the secondary wave will still travel over the full sized Consecrated Ground from the first cast.
Valkirth wrote:
just a heads up that the video links open google page and not the video's.

Yeah, I am waiting for 3.6 to record these videos.
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What changes to this build would you recommend for the Wave of Conviction skill? Wanna try it.
Last edited by PlayArcher on Mar 6, 2019, 5:22:27 PM
PlayArcher wrote:
What changes to this build would you recommend for the Wave of Conviction skill? Wanna try it.

Hi! To be honest, I would just put Wave of Conviction instead of Purifying Flame in the main six link, get rid of the Wave of Conviction + Arcane Surge setup and replace Spell Echo with the new Unleash support or (in case Unleash doesn't work well with Wave of Conviction) Fire Penetration.

Grabbing some Increased skill effect duration on the skill tree (Potency of Will node) could also help.

With these changes, you should be good to go :)
And what about physical to lightning scaling? With inpulsa and stuff? And probably using mom + eb? Sorry, i am not very good in theory crafting :)
Sorry for the spam :D
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Do you have a PoB link.

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