[3.6] CI Crit Shock Nova + Orb of Storms Trickster

I'm sitting here for a couple hours now after watching all the patchnotes videos and would like to play a Shock Nova + OoS Trickster, but I just can't seem to get my skilltree like I want to.

I've added some items and gems + flasks and would really like to go with the shield route for the ES bonus + elemental avoidance.

So somehow I need to combine more dps with avoidance and ~200% ES - is that possible or do I need to cut in some aspect?


Here's what my PoB currently looks like:

Thanks in advance :)
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Nobody here who has any insight? Positive or Negative :P
Some obvious weaknesses in your tree. I made a few adjustments and I'm not entirely sure if you agree with them. Take into account I am no specialist. I've only taken a short glance and there is so much more room to improve it.

Firstly, you overvalue shields, A LOT. The nodes are basically never worth it and CI is your first and primary defence. Your shield gives you stats, amongst which is ES. Goal 1 of CI. Don't get hit. If you do get hit, have enough ES to tank it. Shield nodes will not protect you and other nodes are strictly stronger.

As for the asendancy. I made an adjustment there and I'll have you ask: What about these ascendancies are you actually utilizing. As you are building now, I see more potential in a Elementalist/Occulist or even Inquisitor.

Also added Discipline, as you didn't have that activated yet. You are CI, it's obligatory basically.

This are some adjustments, it's by no means a finished tree


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I am kicking around a self-cast Shock Nova build for SSFHC. Was going back and forth between Elementalist and Trickster, possibly Assassin or Occultist, but keep coming back to Trickster. The reason I am leaning Trickster is that it offers better defense compared to Elementalist / Assassin. Occultist might be the best choice with the right gear, but the min / maxing in POB is making my head hurt. Assassin would be a better soft core option, as it offers a lot of damage to single target, but has next to no defenses.

Like the person above me posted, I would take Swift Killer -> Harness the Void -> Ghost Dance -> Escape Artist. It is a nice mix of offense and defense. This would be a CI / Crit build. I would be using a shield. The nice thing about Trickster is that you can use Impulsas (or Carcass Jack) without screwing yourself too hard on energy shield from Escape Artist.

I would level as Freezing Pulse -> Arc -> Shock Nova.

For gems, I am currently leaning towards:

< 6 LINK > Shock Nova - Faster Casting (Into Spell Echo) -> Added Lightning Damage -> Inc. AoE or Conc. Effect for bosses (have to swap gems) -> Not sure what to do with the fifth or sixth link. Lightning Pen. or Critical Strike Damage or Inc. Crits would be a few options I suppose.

< 3 LINK > Wrath - Herald of Thunder - Lightning Golem

< 3 LINK> Orb of Storms - Curse on Hit - Conductivity

< 4 LINK > Lightning Warp - Swift Affliction - Less Duration - Faster Casting

< 4 LINK > CWDT - Immortal Call - Inc. Duration - Vall Grace

< 4 LINK > Decoy Totem setup? Not sure what to do with the final 4 link option.

Level as a life build, and then begin transiting to energy shield by maps. Crit nodes would also come later.

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