[3.6] SSF-SC-S / Lightning trap / PoB advice

Hello guys,

Tired of tradeleague, I want to chill around SSF and I have never played traps before; as far as LT got up, it seems it can lead to something fun!

Here's the PoB I've been working about, Tree & Skills tabs only are fulfilled yet since I have no idea what items I could have (except Tabula):


Feels free to advice me about anything! This is my first one. ;)
(I'm already guessing I should reach more survival nodes.)

Last bumped on Mar 6, 2019, 1:55:40 PM

Check out this thread for a really good guide to Lightning Trap. The only unique used is Tinkerskin chest, which I don't think is that hard to get SSF.
Thank you for the link! Sounds very interesting.

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