[3.6]Low life Divine Ire Guardian. Need second opinion.

So, i have an idea, for Divine Ire build. with Herald of Purity for flat phys and Guardian's nodes also synergies with Ire very well. Not sure which is better, Radiant Faith or Bastion of Hope, depends on how good Radiant Faith without investing in Life or Mana. For mana reservation: Discipline, Wrath, Herald of Purity with ~9% unreserved mana left, Zelotry aura for life reservation. or defencive curse + blasphemy instead of Zelotry/Wrath if build too squishy or too mana hungry.

Skill tree WIP: https://pastebin.com/XGpJQU7B i'd love if you could suggest me a better routing. Overall looks fine defence wise, but maybe i can do better and get more damage somehow?

p.s. i don't wanna go Inquisitor, becuase i don't think he's better for ES build, and his nodes not very interesting. and i don't wanna go Witch, because i played Witch for last few years every league, wanna try something new.
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Following. I have never played an ES build or a Guardian but I would like to. Was also considering Divine Ire or other holy skill(s).
Would drop Unwavering Crusade, as you're not scaling the minions in any way, instead pick up Unwavering Fate for Zealots Oath ES regen.
Might also recommend Harmony of Purpose over Time of need, easy charges that scale nicely with all your stuff.

Tree wise I'd go for a few more sockets, if you want to make full use of Radiant Fate, id'd pick up the socket north of witch + Deep Thoughts and Cruel preparation and smack a healthy mind in there, doublescales your es with the reworked Arcane Will... For later I'd try to fit more sockets in general and maybe get even more reduced mana reservation in, maybe even use Prism Guardian for zealotry + vitality + herald if you get reduced mana to that point.
Also would recommend planning with a discipline watchers eye if you play trade...

I suck at making trees, but overall yours looks good from my point of view. Just more jewels would be good imho, if you get the synthesis ones with es leech you might be able to drop one leech cluster.

Played around a bit with the idea and some stuff I'd have added, here is my (non-crit) pob: https://pastebin.com/08xUirPX
If you wanna go insane investment and get an auls or something like that to push reservation lower, you can probs drop a bunch of stuff and even go crit... as is on a 6link with the new stormbarrier etc I got it to about 370k Shaper DPS with minimal shit gear and no weapons/rings/etc.
Also with just 3 items he sits at about 5k es with 9k armour... Might work, issue is getting the Shavs, it's gonna be so damn expensive this league.
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