[3.6] Vaal Ice Trap build (semi budget)

Hey so ice trap is getting a huge buff (!!!) in 3.6 and just wanna share my semi budget build that ive been playing since abyss (dont ask me why). After many fails on using a very underrated skill that got nerfed really hard (and now is getting a buff), I was able to kill uber elder and farm HOGM without any issues. You might be wondering where did I get Vaal Ice trap? well im from 2023, No I'm using Vaal ice nova for clearing mobs. The build mainly focuses on crit and trap speed.

For items my main goal is to get as high as trap speed/crit chance/hp/ and capped res

So why am I using Deer Stalker If I can have a better one? I mainly use it for free Trap support and Trap Throwspeed. Vaal ice nova covers Ice Trap's small aoe radius and can clear a whole lot pack of mobs, its so satisfying hearing the breaking ice.

Atiziri's step and kaoms root if you are struggling with end game boss.

What you gonna look for a weapon. Cast Speed(not required),Crit Multi,Spell Crit Chance

Divinarius and Mirebough works well for leveling or finishing the act

This is the main and best item you need because you will be able to have more trap speed,aoe,endurance charge and your mana as part of your hp.

As for helm, just try get Life and cap your Res but! if you can get the ice trap enchants that would be a plus. The gems on this items are a must have because frost bomb works well with Pandemonious and Siphoning trap for more survivability and 100% chance of chill against boss.

Shield with cast speed if you can, Life and Crit for spells.

Rings are the same for using life and capping res.

This one is a must for end game because of 20% pen is huge for ice trap and vaal ice nova. I was able to get this item for less than an ex from abyss league, its just this league went up to 5-8ex because of other ice skills getting huge buff.

Stygian belts are really easy to craft because of fossils so try and get a good one with res and life with pen abyss jewels.

Bandit:I originaly use Alira but this league with the new nodes its best to get 2 skill points.

Buy Mirebough for leveling, pair it with tinkerskin and Eldritch Battery and cap your res as much as you can.
(You gonna refund Eldritch Battery points after getting Slavedriver hands because its gonna be useless)
Gems you need to put on the side when finishing all act1-10. (2xHyphotermia,Ice trap,Vaal ice nova,Inc Aoe,Siphotning trap,Bear trap,Cold Pen,Controlled destruction,x2Trap and Mine,Cluster trap)
Recommended Gems to use for fast leveling and finishing all act1-10.
(Lightning Trap,Trap and Mine,Cluster Trap,Pierce,Wrath )
I always use lightning trap to finish the quest line till act 10 because you will have lightning trap before ice trap and its easy to clear mobs.
You can check my current build on my profile, if you got questions regarding the build just msg me, name is HoodieNiWillie.
I'll continue to edit the build guide.

BTW just wanna thank this guy, I found out about Slavedriver Hands because of this vid. Shaper +1 trap was doable but Slavedriver is waaaaay better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xc-rjP5bpVM
and to this guy too, I learned a lot about traps because of him and his awesome build when traps has a cooldown.

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Hey there, saw your build in the reddit comments and already startet respeccing a shadow in standard. Seems really nice, might be my leauge starter. Thanks for the build and gl!
Thanks! You too mate! Ice trap is really good this league
Hey, great to see a ice trap trap build. When I saw the ice trap buff I just knew I had to make a ice trap build this build.
So I looked on http://www.timtips.com/buildbrowser/#/list for some ideas, as I was uncertain about the boss dps. But to be disappointment there where no ice trap builds under 3.6. So I choose 3.5 and your build poped up as the only one.

You probably need to change your title to 3.6, so that people will see it. You have some interesting ideas and it looks like a solid build. I bet more people than me, finds your ideas/build interesting.

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