[3.6] Reave Raider Onslaught Buff ( Clear insane) (all content)

English is not my native language so please relieve some mistake.

This build is a lot of fun to play, if you like Reave you'll get on with it

This is the pastebin of this build

Very fun
High Clear speed
High DPS
Full Physical DMG (possible to make maps with elementary reflect. Turn off the Auras)
Good Evade and Dodge

Full Physical DMG ( It is impossible to make maps with physical reflect.)
Some bosses at the end of the game will have to play well to kill.
Leech and divert.

Links and gear


I use Increased Area for clear and concentrated effect for one target.

The weapon I used Ahns Might for a while, until I make / buy a better one.

I like Daresso Defiance very well for this build, for its boost in Onslaugth, loss and gain of Endurance, leech, evade etc ... BUT if you test and think it better to use another breastplate tell me there in the comments.

The shield I like to use one with good life and a lot of evasion.
BUT you can also use Lyon'seye Remorse, which will give you enough life and you can reach 6.3k.

You can still make improvements to the equipment!


It is very important for survival that you know how to reconcile the potions at the right time. In the potions that give a boost in evasion I like to get mods with more evasion is great for bosses.


Ascendancy - Pantheon - Bandits

Lunaris and Garukhan sometimes Shakari
Bandits = Alira


I use dual wilding to level up until I get to Ahns might.

LVL10(double princess)



LVL68(1h and shield)

You can use Maligario too



before entering the room of the boss the video of a small lock, I do not know what he hears but it is few seconds.

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looks like a nice build
I am a new player and I am following this guide - now level 70, it is a lot of fun, thanks a lot!
did you really beat Uber Elder with this?
Morkrum wrote:
did you really beat Uber Elder with this?

is a very quick build, if you know the battle, nor damage you take from the elder or shaper, just deflect and hit, I killed with two Foilo damage increases a lot with two Foil 400pdps +. My build was already more expensive but it is that it is here in the forum is the mold and to kill too. (It will only be more time consuming). Then you will improve according to what you think you need.
why do you have increased evasion on both your jade and stibnite flasks? you know that it doesn't stack right? so having it twice on your flasks is wasted, you could have curse immunity or something else useful
Any chance of updated skill tree for the current game version?
Would love to see a 3.7 update if you have time.

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