[3.6] Melee is dead! Actually Budget, True Melee Cleave Champion.

NOTE: Several screenshots will show uncapped res. I went back end of league to this character and had stripped gear from him. Obviously, my res was capped while playing, and yours should be too

For people who want to play real melee in PoE. Also when I say bidget, I mean it. This isn't a 3 or 4 ex "budget" build. You don't need any exalts. You barely need chaos for this build. Play it as a league starter, you need nothing.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/LJunTdi5


-Budget as all hell. You can run this build on 10C or less.

-Clear maps no problem.

Uses Ichimonjis and The Bringer of Rain, all other gear slots are rares with Life and Res. The swords and helm will carry you from white maps into reds.

With the extreme budget gear, 70k shaper DPS (150k single target with Vaal Double Strike). Not downing Shaper on the bottom level of this build, but ore than enough for general map clearing.

Has tons of room for currency dumping if you enjoy the playstyle, can very likely handle endgame with investment.


You are playing melee. While not unplayable, it is wildly outclassed by casters and bow builds.


Clear with Cleave. Put it in The Bringer of Rain linked with Multistrike, Ruthless and Brutality

Bring the boys as well. Vaal Doublestrike with push your single target damage way up.



Armour. I know it's bad. Usually. It's actually decent if you stack a lot.

Currently we have 25k in hideout, and just shy of 70k with flasks.

We use Iron Reflexes, Grace and Determination. Ichimonji swords have buff effect, which means more armour from the auras. Also, thanks to a certain threshold jewel we have permanent Fortify.

SC build, built for hardcore.

Everything else

Frenzies, attack speed and armour: CWDT - Blood Rage - Lightning Golem - Molten Shell

Single Target: Vaal Doublestike - Maim - Chance to Bleed - Melee Phys

Movement Skill: Leap Slam/Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks

Auras: Grace Determination

More Damage: Ancestral Warchief

Potential Changes if you want. This all requires currency

Drop Bringer of Rain, get a good 6 link chest and better helm.
Drop Ichimonji, get good crafted weapons.
Drop Iron Reflexes, Determination and Grace, use Hatred/HoA or Blasphemy curse.
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# 40% increased storm call damage isn't available even the Armour cant be seen around can you give any alternative please thanks
Nice build pretty chill gameplay and a total of 22c investment. I managed to reach 85 lvl in Synthesis Flashback and gained around 350c of currency (now i can go and play some humdrum meta frosty disco-ball PogU). Build facetanks almost everything even with trash gear, including sick Beyond bosses. I would recommend to play with Haemophilia gloves, very nice clearspeed and turns white packs into mince.
with grace and dtermination isnt a watchers eye prismatic jewel good if i have currecy to spare?
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are you going tp update this build fopr 3.7, i heard bloodrage have no downside no more...
I'm thinking about this as a league starter for 3.7, with some changes to the tree and a focus on impale to further scale the damage.


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