[3.6] "Kaom's Purifying Fire" Elequisitor Ascendant


This is my first attempt at planning a build from scratch.
To make it easy on myself, I have chosen a skill whose exact details have not yet been revealed.

The general idea is to combine Purifying Flame and Righteous Fire with high crit and HP/regen.
Add a couple auras, a stone golem, and consecrated path or flame dash.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/zRqvYAtb

There are a few uniques listed that could provide damage boosts, but my skill tree planning only included Kaom's Heart and The Searing Touch.

I realize the skill tree and some gems will be changing with the upcoming expansion.

If there are any blatant errors with my planning, I would appreciate the input. TYIA!
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