3.6 (slayer-elem) Cyclone Mjölner NO CRIT

Hi guys,
This is my first build, hope u enjoy.

I have a very bad english, i hope you don't mind me about that.

This build is create on POB with a friend and i don't test it in-game.
But, i think this is not indispensable. Anyway i will test it on next saison.

This is a personnal build, and i'm not a pro-builder.
So i share this build because i think it can be cool to have comment or modification by players.

UPDATE 21/03/2019 :
I change build for Hale negator and Tombfist, so i change all jewels for abyssals jewel ( Spell damage and life. No more attack speed ).


Nerfs on lifeleech is pretty strong, but build stay strong.

Nerf on arc is hard but acceptable.
And of course, we will take shock nova on second mjölner.




+ Good life steal/life gain on hit ( slayer ascendancy )
+ clear speed is insane ( inpulsa/culling strike )
+ immune to reflected elemental and physical damage

- %damage reduction without flask, is a bit low
- 5500HP is not low, but i think 6k/6.5k will be good


I take Slayer Ascendancy first because :
-Culling strike 10%
-20% increased damage while leeching
-20% inc AOE when killed recently

Second, i take Elementalist Ascendancy :
-Damage penetrates 10% of ennemy elemental resistance
-40% increased effects of heralds on you
-Shock from your hits always increased damage taken by at least 10%

Gems link

This build is based on 2 Mjölner :
- first Mjolner, i use Arc + Controlled Destruction + Elemental focus, this spell is the first amount of damage on this build

-Second Mjölner i have multiple choice, i just need to shock with this spell for inpulsa and buff damage, because Arc don't shock with Elemental focus :
- Spark + Controlled destruction + Slower projectiles
- Lightning ball + Controlled destruction + Slower projectiles
- Shock nova + Controlled destruction + Conc effect/Inc AoE

We use a cyclone, tbh it's the best choice because u can have enough attack speed for maximize numbers of Mjölner's proc ( 0.15sec cooldown ) .
i use it with :
- Faster Attacks + Fortify + Additionnal Accuracy + Blood Magic + Life Gain on Hit.

We use Wrath + Herald Of Thunder + Enlighten

We use Wrath = WATCHER'S EYE = <3

We use Leap Slam + Blood Magic, and Cast When Damage Taken + Immortal Call.
No faster attack on Leap Slam, we have enough attack speed, and no place for 3L.
Don't need to explain CWDT immortal call....

We use -DREAD banner
-PORTAL or Lightning Golem

this 2 gems link with : Enhance

Body Armour : We use Inpulsa's Broken Heart for clear speed, and immunity to shock.
Immune to shock is perfect for vessel of vinktar.
corrupted inpulsa is not indispensable.

Ring : We use Mark of the Shaper for %hp, ele damage, lightning damage and for 80% spell damage if your other ring is an elder ring.
so we use rare elder opal ring with this stats :
- Intelligence : max possible ( for intelligence recquiered to equip Mjölner )
- POACHER'S MARK on hit (very important elder affix for the build)
- Maximum life

Helmet and boots: We use Rare Boots.
so, on boots we will take :
- Resistance
- Movement Speed
- Strength
- Maximum life
- (Optionnal) DAMAGE PENETRATE 10% of ennemy elemental resistance if u havn't killed recently.
This enchant is for mono dps, really important for endgame, not necessary for early.

On Helmet, we take Hale Negator.
i choose this one because with tombfist and 4/5 abyssal jewels in tree, we can have like 7/8 charges easily, and more after with double sockets abyssals on this helmet and on tombfist.

Gloves :
We use REPENTANCE (cheap starter) or if u have enought currency, take tombfist directly.
we can have a good corrupt roll like ele weakness on hit.

Belt :
We use Rare Elder Heavy Belt (35 strength) with :
- %Increased Life Recovery Rate ( very important suffix !!!! )
- Strength
- Maximum Life
- Resistance
- ( Optionnal ) Increased Effect of flask on you.

Amulet :
We use Rare Elder Agate Amulet ( 24 Strength and intell ):
- Maximum Life
- Gain 12% of Non-Chaos Damage as extra Chaos Damage
- +5% Maximum life per second to maximum Life Leech Rate
- Increased Lightning Damage


We use :
- Vessel Of Vinktar, Topaz Flask
- Atziri's Promise, Amethyst Flask
- Chemist's jade Flask of Sauching ( Immun/Remove bleeding )
- Chemist's Granite Flask of Iron Skin
- Chemist's Quicksilver Flask of Heat ( Immun/Remove Freese/Chill )

We can remplace Atziri's Promise by an Immun/Remove curse flask if we need for mapping !!


You need to take only abyssal jewels for hale negator.
We take in prioprity as much as possible "add spell damage", we need double affix like that on any jewels and a lot of hp :
- "Add * to * spell damage"
- "Add * to * spell damage whily dual wielding"
- " * To maximum life*


Go for a full physical Cyclone with two handed sword or axes and try to adds Lightning Damage when you take lightning damage buff in tree.
Switch on Mjolner when u have enough Strengh and Intelligence.

Hope you have enjoy to read this build.
Sorry for my English....
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Cost and clear speed? Is end game content viable?
mithras001 wrote:
Cost and clear speed? Is end game content viable?

it's not an expensive build for early, but like so much build, if u want to find corrupt items and double wrath Watcher's eyes, this build can be a little expensive finaly.

I don't have watcher's eyes and 6l inpulsa, and i don't have any problem with clear speed.

i deathless yellow elder, without inpulsa and vessel of vinktar, not so hard i know, so i need to do more test on red elder-shaper, uber-elder.

Only thing i can said for boss content ? i advices against atziri's fight... when arc chains on reflect add....
keep updating pls, the tree too, Thanks.
xPuppyx wrote:
keep updating pls, the tree too, Thanks.

i have to finish so much test, i update it as soon as possible
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Do you have the passive tree?
hi to all,
i have made this build but have some problem to single target.
this is my pob:


Can you help me to improve the damage on single target?

Thanks for the reply.

PS im now level 82.
emix86 wrote:
hi to all,
i have made this build but have some problem to single target.
this is my pob:


Can you help me to improve the damage on single target?

Thanks for the reply.

PS im now level 82.

u need to 3l your arc with controlled destruction-elemental focus.

u need mark of shaper's ring, 80% spell damage when your other ring is an elder ring !! take an elder ring with poacher's mark on hit.

take a suplhur flask for boss fight maybe.

replace ball lightning by shock nova. better for mono damage and clean to be honest.

and check last POB i link ( write in red at beginning of thread ), it's 2.0 of this build. MOre HP, More survivability, Same damage.

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