3.5 Firebrand build(6-7k hp, 1.5m dps per brand)

Hi guys, while searching forum somehow i do not saw a decent firebrand build, so i'll just post it here. Sorry for possible grammar mistaces, point it for me and i'll fix that, thanks.

Let's start with CON's:
laggy(my potato hate this build sometimes, with decent pc no problem tho)
Bad defence mechanic(no armor), so you need to dodge uberboss attacks
Not cheap at all
Bad life leech(i dunno where it's coming from at all, if someone can answer that i'll be glad, it seems like i leech % of my max hp each hit) Actually it's may be a bug.

DPS - creeps, bosses, all will die fast and easy
Somewhat tanky] - normal(actually all including red ones up to t15) creeps cannot kill you right away if you facetank them because of 6.5k+ hp and fairly long and constant IC+CWDT setup
Easy charge gain - fast cast speed and charge on hit, so no need to stack charges before fight if you are lazy
Generic spellcrit scion tree - you can easily swap for something else with minimum changes.

My current tree with ~1.65m per brand, arcane surge not calculated...

End version(i used this as a goal, so jewels and some items can be better)
2.4m per brand, arcane surge still not calculated...

Lvl 1 arcane surge gives 0.3m-0.333m dps
PS - I'm not sure if POB calculate correct dmg for branded enemies(there are increase in skill gem after all for branded/not, but enemy might not be branded and still take aoe dmg), so possible DPS are like 1.6*2*1.3=4.16m and 6.24m per enemy without arcane surge...
PPS - unattached brands still strike on landing, so recall will help to deal maximum dmg possible. Dps form above+3x one time dmg, ~8m for first hit.
PPPS - aspect of the spider actually more like def mechanic, it's slows creeps and that helps. Without it they still die easily.

Generic spellcrit hp based scion tree

Answer on possible question:
Why you do not pick Devotion(Str, aura eff, it's more effective and another path to templar nodes)?
No leech, more cost(find all that dex, hh will help tho), no possible frenzy charge.

Do not forget that you may want to change gear to encance your own playstile(like i use kiara, but most of ppl hate it).

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