[3.5] Dual Wield Mjolnir | Amazing Clear Speed | 1.3M Shaper dps |


If you are here that means you are willing to give mjolnir a shot, and this build right here is the best out there for all around clear and single target dps. Why? well simple, the other build out there have shit single target dps OR the only one who does decent damage is built around indignon and not only is it clunky but its also expensive AND cant do lab well since its all energie based.



VIDEO GUIDE + Guardian Shaper

Pros & Cons

-Tanky (over 8000 life at lvl 94)
-Can do all content
-Amazing Clear speed
-Cheap as balls
-Single target Very Decent
-Great lab runner


-Cant do Hexproof map
-Not a 1 shot Shaper build

2 passive its the only decent one we can use


Refer to Pob for gem section dont trust the socketed gem

Gear Details and Options

This section is an option and long so if you dont wanna bother please skip it.

We can go different ways for the build but this is the optimal Gear, if you want to invest more life on yellow items is pretty much all you can do, you also dont need to get a ring with fire damage but you do need to get fire damage somewhere otherwise we cant use Elemental equilibrium.

kaoms heart best in slot period if you cant afford it get a belly in the meantime but you need kaoms for end game.

Repentance can be replace by yellow gloves if you lack the resistance but then again switch for them when you can.

If its a league starter and you cant get Warlords mark on the rings just go pick up life and manna leech nodes once you can switch for this.

Gems need 2 attack speed mods life if you can, we need 1 with strength to cover our requirement, you can cover resistance but prioritize attack speed its our main source.

Passive tree
yeah no im to lazy check the pastebin

Build Mechanic
Ok so ill try to make this clear and fast but it is fairly complicated so buckle up.

The idea behind the build is to use attack speed with the new internal cd reduce for mjolnir 150ms the optimal attack speed we wanna reach is just bellow 8.50 in POB and for that after many hours tweaking and testing the best way is to get all of it from Jewels. the tricky part is to check with Vaal cyclone and ancestral protector, make sure you do not go over the 8.50 limit or you will lose dps (check if you can pop bloodrage with ancestral call in my case it was one or thw other not both at the same time with VAAL cyclone.

Elemental equilibrium is what makes our dps so great in single target you need fire damage to attack on gear to work, cyclone will proc the fire damage before The lighting damage from mjoplnir procs getting us a whoping dps increase.

The cinderswallow flasks also help us on big end game boss such as shaper because our hit will ignite them at some point and they will take 10% increased damage from all source BUT! Do not use that while mapping you need the anti Bleed flask or you will die.


Why Dual Wield
The dps increase or the defensiveness increase we would get form a shield is not worth double procing spell damage i know i tested it and the best way to enjoy the new cd reduce is to invest in attack speed otherwise our dps is to low check the vids.

No Discharge??
The investment in gear needed to sustain charges is not worth, not only this but you cant use only power charge, our attack speed makes it so that it will never be at full power charge stack we would need to play with frenZy and endurance charges and then we would get something other then lightning damage that would screw us up since the only other spell we can use only give us lightning damage
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