[3.5] Fire Burst / Flame Surge / Fire Storm COC ==>The Inferno Assa ! All content, U-Elder Deathless

GOT BUFF IN 3.6 !!!! (Flame Surge 10% more damage / Big AOE)
Hi Exiles,

I'm glad to finaly show you my COC fire oriented build, wich was an idea that merge seeing all those meta-COC-Ice Nova build !


I always wanted to make a decent build with the corrupted essence call : Essence of Hysteria :

So this is the weapon i crafted in around 50 try, using this essence, and also couple of annulement orb & multi craft:

Hit Cannot Be Evaded is very important !

In order to have a high chance to proc this spell correctly, I would need something that hit rapidly ennemies : Fire Storm / Cyclone

Also, it's been many years I was looking over the Flame Surge spell, and I never found any good build around it, and this spell is perfect for big dammage, but it's also very nice for clearspeed once you got enough AOE.

Why assassin?:

Well, it's probably the safest way to play a crit build, when you don't have a high based critical chance weapon, or when you don't play with a +flatcrit chest. Assassin is consistent for any crit build, giving you high single target damage potential, and a really easy way to charge up power charge.

COC Mechanic's:

This gem has to be linked to an attack skill and at least one spell skill (we will use Flame Surge & Fire Storm), casting 6.67 times/sec, till your cyclone have at least 3.34 Attacks/sec. With Fire Burst, that got a 0.5 internal cooldown, you can cast until 8.67 spell / sec

Some Video of the build (Turn volume down a bit / un-edited sorry for my voice x))


T16 Toxic Sewer Clearspeed exemple:

Delve / Vaal Outpost boss depth 300+

Pros & Cons:

Massive Damage
Can easily clear Endgame content
7Power Charge / 3 Frenzy charge / 3 Endurance charge
Pretty ok survivability
Decent Clearspeed till you can proc Fireburst on many big pack with leap
Lvl21 Gem are cheap, you don't need quality on Flame Surge

Not a league starter
Weapon is mandatory and pretty expensive to craft
CYCLONE <== Can be really bad sometimes (when there is obstacle)
Can't really run Elemental reflect map

Path of Building & Character profil:

Path of Building of my current settup : https://pastebin.com/v1Uc9bwf
Character profil : https://www.pathofexile.com/account/view-profile/Shakakaw/characters

Here is a link to my twitch https://www.twitch.tv/shakakaw4
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