[3.5] Corpse Slinging - Elemental hit totems with scaling attack speed

This build is based off of using the Necromancer’s Puppet Master passive to get as much attack speed as possible without too much investment in the tree or gear. It uses a combination of Cast on Crit linked with Unearth and Flesh offering in order to consume corpses at a rapid rate. We use Elemental Hit with a Frostferno in order to avoid having to use two six links. This lets us put a six link on our chest for the Cast on Crit setup and use wands while still having a good attack setup.

The build does very well against most content in the game and can easily do Shaper. I haven't beaten Uber Elder yet, but it's the first league that I've reached him.

Items Required

The items needed for this build are Frostferno and Piscator’s Revenge. Piscator’s gives you a good base crit and attack speed as well as an extra 100% increased elemental damage

A Lycosidae is really nice to avoid having to invest in accuracy, but it’s not 100% necessary. Accuracy can be found on jewelry or by using an Effigon along with % chance to blind Abyssal jewels. You’ll be attacking fast enough that anything that stays alive more than a few seconds will be blinded.

This build uses Elemental hit with Avatar of fire, so you’ll need to get two Combat Focus gems in order to prevent choosing elements other than fire.
For clear, you’ll want to have some sort of pierce and multiple projectiles. I’m using a Horned Amulet and Rain of Splinters. You don’t really need to have both, but it just feels more comfortable, especially with immortal aura enemies or with the Betrayal spawns.

For defense we have Cloak of Defiance and a Stibnite flask. We don’t get too much in terms of armour or evasion on the tree or our gear, so the Stibnite makes the best use of what we do get and the hits that get through are largely taken care of by our mana pool. You can also get Aspect of the Crab to make things a little safer.

Gem setup
To get started with consuming corpses, you’ll need to have a five link with:
Barrage – Greater Multiple Projectiles – Cast on Critical Strike – Unearth – Flesh Offering

When you get your sixth link you’ll add on Power Charge on Critical strike. The easiest thing to do it to buy a cheap white 5 link with the correct colors until you can get something better.

Before you have your sixth link you’ll need to use Power Siphon to generate power charges. I like having it linked as:
Power Siphon – Faster Attacks – Power Charge on Critical Strike – Greater Multiple Projectiles

Your main attacking skill will be Elemental Hit in your helm:
Elemental hit – Ranged Attack totem – Fire Penetration – Multiple totems

Other gems:
Clarity to support our Cloak of Defiance. Cast when Damage taken with Immortal Call and Phase run to help with bad situations.

Passive Tree
The current build can hit about 800k Shaper DPS assuming a pretty conservative 30 recently consumed corpses.

Tier 14 Palace
Skip to 6:14 if you just want to see the Dominus fight
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This is so cool - love builds with ramp up mechanics.
Thanks! It's a lot of fun to see the damage go up when you fight things.

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