[3.5] Elemental Hit Pathfinder - All contents - Uber Elder down - 6k+ life

Hi guys. I would like to share with you my Elemental Hit version as a Pathfinder. Currently, 95% of ele character are Scion with Slayer + another Ascendancy. If you are sick of playing Scion, you have come to the right place.

This version of the build suits extremely well those who want to do maps a lot but still want to kill end game bosses like Uber Elder or Shaper on a regular basis easily.

Pros and Cons
- Extremely convenient mapper (Nothing beats Pathfinder for mapping)
- very strong boss killing ability
- Dying Sun flask will ALWAYS be up as a Pathfinder even during long boss fights. => No need secondary GMP set-up or gem swapping
- Can reach 6k+ life easily with Koam (My current char can reach 7k life at lvl 96)

- Not a league starter
- Costs A LOT currency (The bow alone costs multiple exalts)
- Somewhat skill-point starved so will start to shine around lvl85+
- Looks hideously to some people due to War Banner

Uber Elder - Not very clean as I am somwhat nob and the lag spikes are way too much for me
The Eradicator (Lightning Guardian) - T16
The Purifier - T16

Path of Building link (For veterans who are too lazy to read :^))



General gearing guide:
- Try to get int and at least 1 piece of gear with 350 accuracy rating. We will need at least 111 Int for gems and 350 accuracy combines with war banner should get you to ~ 90% accuracy
- Try to dual balance cold and lightning resistance to ultilise Wise's Oak defense mechanism. For Fire damage mitigation we already have Dying Sun
- Flat elemental damage on gear helps us very little as the Elemental Hit gem already gives a lot of flat damage for us to scale from

Aspect choice
Both Aspect of the Spider and Aspect of the Cat are great for this build. Spider gives slightly better damage at 3 stacks where Aspect of the Cat gives great mapping ability with space for you to switch between Koam's Heart and Farrul Fur chest (which I currently do)

The enchant you want will be the attack speed one. Elemental hit scales extremely well with attack speed as its base damage is very high and bows are generally slow in term of attack speed.
If possible you could use Scorched Fossil to get the mod "Nearby enemies have -9& to fire resistance" It synergies well as we have Point Blank for heavy single target damage.

Kaom's Heart is the cheapest and best balance between damage and defense. Farrul Fur is an expensive option but gives about 20% more damage but you will sacrifice about 1k life for it

2 base you can use: Spike-point for crit chance and Penetraing Arrow should u want piercing (I prefer Spike-point as I find +2 pierce from tree is just right where +1 pierce only feels kinda clunky)
Stats to look for:
- Life
- Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills
- Attack Speed
- Critical Strike Multiplier
- +1 Arrow from Shaper base - Extremely good Improvement for Quality of life but not essential

Only 1 choice: Xohp's Blood as we do not have any other way to get Avatar of Fire

Best bases will be those with implicit: "increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills" - Royal Bow, Highborn Bow, Imperial Bow
I bought the bow so I would not be the best guy I want to ask how to craft this. But I can tell what stats you need to look for:
- +1 To level of Socketed gem
- +2 tolevel of socketed bow gem
- Socketed skills deal 20% more attack damage
These 3 mods are must. There is a video from hellfurian who explains extremely in details how to craft the bow. It starts from 5:10. Ideally, make the bow to have an attack speed of 1.5 or best at around 1.6aps

One Pyre is a must as it gives tremendous damage since it convert the flat cold damage into fire
The other ring can be anything you want. Try to get the following stats:
- Life
- Increased Elemental Damage with Attack Skills/Fire damage or even both if resist and accuracy are not problems)
- Accuracy
- Some resist
- ONE OPEN SUFFIX - to Craft "Shock nearby Enemies for 4 Seconds when you Focus"
This is a huge damage boost when fighting heavy bosses. My damage against Shaper goes beyond 2 million dps when shock is up (not counting Mirage Archer)

A stygian Belt is BIS. Stats to look for
- Life
- Increased Flask effect duration (at least 12% so you will have a total of 40% flask effect duration - this will make dying sun lasts 7s)
- Increased Elemental Damage/Fire damage (Fossil Crafting)
- Resist

Gloves + Boots:
These are flexible slot. Fill the remaining missing resistance and int. Best possible gloves are Grip Gloves with Attack speed. You would want 30% movement speed on boots

2 Combat Focus jewel to ensure Elemental Hit will only use fire damage. The rest can be up to your choice. Try to get some accuracy on you abyss jewel on belt for guarantee 90% accuracy

My gear - including my gem links:

Mana Reservation
10% for War Banner - mandatory
25% for Bestiary Aspect
25% for either Herald of Ash (normally) or Blasphemy-Flammability (heavy boss)
Should you use the Farrul Fur, Aspect of the Spider will cost no mana therefore you can fit both Herald of Ash and Blasphemy-Flammability

Bandit choice: Either Alira or Skill point (I chose Alira for easier gearing)

Should you have any question, please feel free to ask :D
Cheers, Exiles!!!
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