[3.5] Thunder Punisher (Elementalist) with Doryani's Fist

First of all, I want to make a large note that this build is specifically for clearing trash and it's not effective against bosses which is its biggest negative feature but is excellent for farming and destroying trash.






Short description of each item's benefits:


-Ylfeban's Trickery provides shocking ground everytime you are hit, provides lightning damage, curses NON-CURSED enemies with a random curse and has high ES boost. Since we're using Enfeeble in our 6-Linked defensive on the armour, the curse effect of Ylfeban won't do too much because it will not override your Enfeeble with another curse at random. It will usually trigger on targets that are hit by your Herald of Thunder and/or Doryani's Touch.

-Geofri's Sanctuary provides medium amount of resistances, relatively high ES pool, Zealot's Oath that converts Life regen into ES regen, and provides additional ES based on your Strength. This armor can be changed with another of your choice - some people would use Carcass Jack because of the AoE boosts of both damage and area of effect radius, others would just use some high stats armor. If you're using high stat armor here, I'd recommend to prioritize Energy Shield and attack speed as well as Lightning/Elemental Damage.

-Esh's Visage is an essential item here - it provides relatively high ES boost, Life and most of all - the chaos damage doesn't bypass your ES. This is available all the time since you will rely mainly on ES and your life won't go down bellow 35% for longer than 1-2 seconds, neither your mana will go bellow 35% because you're reserving less than 50% of your mana and your skills require insignificant amount of mana therefore you will always have this feature available;

-Doryani's Delusion - These boots have various mods and if you're using them, you need to get the ones with added lightning damage. These boots can be changed with others that would give better stats of your choice;

-Doryani's Invitation - This belt is the perfect item for the slot as it provides leech, damage and a high boost of resistances. It is also cheap.

-Chayula's Presence. I know it's not cheap but this little thing gives too many good things to be avoided - first, it gives immunity to stun. Having the fact that we use a skill that's usually slow, Stun immunity is a must. Second of all - it gives a pile of 60% chaos resistance which is very very handy. Third and very very important is the conversion of life into ES. The good news is that, since we're boosting the ES in this build, when this amulet converts 20% of your max life into ES, the ES bonuses apply to the converted amount of life, therefore you end up with two or even three times more (maybe even more) ES than the life converted.

-The Pariah - this ring provides increased attack speed and we need it to be socketed with a blue gem so we can get the 100 flat ES boost. The blue gem is ideal for our lightning golem which would be boosted with 2 levels therefore providing 10% increased attack speed as well.

-Le Heup of All - this one is usually highly desired among the players as it has too randomized mods and high rolls would end up the item being expensive but you can get it for like 20-30 chaos orbs and still to fit its place into the build. Its benefits are obvious but you can put a ring of your choice here.

-Doryani's Fist- No need to explain I think. Maybe just to add that having them as the main object of your build, your attacks are considered "Melee/Unarmed".


Herald of Thunder + Empower + Increased Area + Lightning Penetration

Body Armour:
Shield Charge + Fortify + Faster Attacks + Endurance charge on Melee stun + Curse of Hit + Enfeeble

Immortal Call + Cast when Damage Taken + Molten Shell + Increased Duration

Lightning Golem

Ancestral Proctector, Vaal Haste, Vaal Cold Snap

Added Lightning damage + Faster attacks + Multistrike + Increased area of effect

Pros and Cons:

Good sides:

-Relatively Tanky
-Very nice AoE
-High damage
-High leech
-Fast map clearing
-Perfect for the Azure Mine

Bad sides:

-Build is not suitable for single target boss enemies
-Most effective on higher level (usually after 60-70 until you build up attack speed)
-Medium to expensive build (approx 11~13 exalts in total)
-May require high graphic capability due to the Touch of God skill but can be played on low graphics without a problem.


Average prices per item:


Ylfeban's Trickery (Helm) - approx 1 exalted orb
Geofri's Sanctuary (Body armour, 6-Linked) - approx 5~7 exalted orbs
Doryani's Delusion (Boots) - 70~150 chaos orbs
Doryani's Invitation (Belt) - 1~5 chaos orbs
Esh's Visage (Shield) - 20~50 chaos orbs
Presence of Chayula - 2~3 exalted orbs
The Pariah (Ring 1) - 1 exalted orb
Le Heup of All (Ring 2) - up to 1 exalted orb depending on the rolls
Doryani's Fist (Gloves) - 5~10 chaos orbs

We aim to get Bubbling flasks (life savers) and we also need one with increased armour, one to remove bleeding and one to remove freeze/chill. Each of them costs between 5~25 chaos orbs. We also need Rumi's Concoction for obvious reasons which is approx 3~7 chaos orbs. For the fifth flask is more of a personal choice - I always put The Overflowing Chalice on every character - it increases damage by 40% and provides 100% increased charges gained for other flasks - average price for this is 1 chaos orb.

Short description:


It is obvious that our aim is to get as much lightning damage + attack speed + life/ES as we can.
Our main feature is to boost the gloves. Note that since the item grants a skill, if you just put support gems in the gloves they will directly affect the granted skill. In our case, we have Multistrike (since the skill is considered a MELEE ATTACK), Faster attacks, Added Lightning Damage and Increased area.
-Can't be evaded;
-Has 50% LESS attack speed
-Has 20% additional chance to shock
-All physical damage is converted to lightning damage

So, even a melee attack that would usually require accuracy, this one is simply unavoidable. All modifiers to melee attacks also affect this skill.

P.S. You can change the Increased area of effect gem for something that increases the damage (Lightning penetration/Concentrated effect, etc)

As an elementalist, you are getting the most of the elemental features: Immune to reflected elemental damage, immense boost to elemental damage/ailments. Also, something very important - Pendulum of Destruction from the Ascendancy.
Preferred stats, jewels, Ascendancy and passive skill tree, and Skills.

1. Preferred stats: Lightning damage/Elemental damage, Energy shield boosts, Attack speed.

2. Preferred jewels: The perfect occasion is:

-Added lightning damage + Increased % maximum ES and/or Flat bonus of ES.
-Added lightning damage + Attack speed + Flat increase of ES.
-Added lightning damage + Attack speed + Flat increase of ES + Capping the needed elemental resists.

3. Ascendancy in the following sequence:

-Pendulum of Destruction
-Mastermind of Discord
-Shaper of Desolation or Paragon of Calamity (depending if you would prefer to get the defensive Paragon of Calamity first or the damage boost with Shaper of Desolation)

4. Passive skill screenshots:

Our main targets on the passive skill are Lightning/Elemental damage boosts + Attack Speed + Energy Shield + Ghost Reaver.

This build's defense features are Energy Shield and the Ghost Reaver which will fill up the ES with each hit. Each kill also grants 30 ES (provided by the gloves). Attack speed is highly needed because the skill has very low attack speed so we have to compensate this. Lightning/Elemental damage is obviously our main damage source.
As elementalist, the Paragon of Calamity also provides 0.5 leech, we also increase that with Doryani's Invitation belt (You can also include some passives along the tree like Blood Drinker or even add a jewel with leech)

This is a very defensive build because:
-Capped Elemental resistances
-45%+ chaos resistance
-2300+ Life and 6000+ Energy shield
-Immune to stun
-Gain endurance charges almost all the time
-Keep your butt safer by cursing enemies with Enfeeble
-Fortify almost all the time
-Very quick movement with Shield Charge.

5. Skills

-Doryani's Touch
-Shield Charge
-Herald of Thunder
-Summon Lightning Elemental
-Ancestral Protector totem
-Vaal Haste
-Vaal Cold Snap

5.1 Doryani's Touch - our main skill for damage used when you get into the group of monsters so you can destroy them;
5.2 Shield charge - used to move/avoid quickly, gain endurance charges, gain fortify, curse enemies with Enfeeble;
5.3 Herald of Thunder - this spell is a must because it gives you 25% lightning penetration all the time, affecting all attacks and spells that deal lightning damage. It can be socketed with anything and I'd leave that to your personal choice (I am using Empower + Lightning Penetration + Increased area at the time of writing this guide);
5.4 Lightning Elemental provides additional attack speed - having it socketed into the Pariah, it provides 10% increased attack speed;
5.5 Ancestral Protector totem - provides an additional 20% attack speed, as well as serving as a dummy target;
5.6 Vaal Haste - Having the attack speed as one of our main targets, this one is particularly effective against monsters with high life pool and/or deep levels of the Azure Mine where the fights might be a little bit longer;
5.7 Vaal Cold Snap - this one requires a little bit of skill to reach the full effectiveness but in general it will add frenzy charges every second as well as one charge for every enemy killed that's nearby while this spell is active. Oh yea, it also freezes everything around you so it's also a life saver.

P.S. Of course, the Vaal skills and/or the Ancestral protector can be changed with spell(s) of your choice depending on your style/preference.

An example map: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8URdvXLj2Rk


I hope you like this one - if you have any questions and/or you would like to add something or criticize - please leave your comments or contact me in-game on Ysiliel.

Have fun bringing the power of thunder to exorcise the sinners!
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